Saturday, July 16, 2011

Republican Senate - #3080 - VIDEO: - The New GOP Movement in the Senate Blocking Spending Bills Until a Budget is Produced - Hot Air (2) Harry Reid Threatens to Close Schools - Human Events

The New GOP Movement in the Senate Blocking Spending Bills Until a Budget is Reached - Hot Air - Something highly exciting happened on the Senate floor yesterday. Ten different GOP senators took to the podium to say they’ll vote to block any and all spending bills until Senate Democrats agree to produce a budget. Better yet, they and 30 Republican colleagues backed up the talk by supporting Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) when he raised the appropriate point of order against a military appropriations bill (that passed the Republican House and has broad Republican support!) — ultimately demonstrating their ability to block the bill to underscore their fundamental seriousness about the law, which requires the Senate to produce a budget before it considers appropriations bills. Here, the best of the quotes in support of this new movement to withhold support for spending bills until Democrats sober up and produce a budget.

Harry Reid Threatens to Close Schools - Human Events -  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid threatened to shut down the nation’s schools via Twitter on Thursday, if his Party’s demands for higher taxes are not met:  This man is, quite simply, deranged. As Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner pointed out, “federal funding pays for only 8.5 percent of the cost of the nation’s elementary and secondary schools,” and in any event, “schools will generally be on summer break come August 2.”  Most public school funding is state and local. Federal outlays add up to only about $130 billion per year, which is 3% of Washington’s budget. That works out to $11 billion per month.  Once again, courtesy of the Examiner’s Mark Tapscott, here are the hard numbers, in monthly amounts, for anyone foolish enough to buy into Democrat scare tactics:  Federal revenue: $200 billion per month,  Interest on the national debt: $29 billion, Social Security: $49.2 billion,  Medicare and Medicaid: $50 billion,  Active duty military pay: $2.9 billion, Veterans affairs programs: $2.9 billion,  Education funding: $11 billion  All of that core spending adds up to $145 billion, which means that in the event of a debt limit, the government can pay it all and still have $55 billion a month left over.  Read more......

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