Saturday, July 23, 2011

Obamacare and the Economy - #3101 - Analysis: Job Growth was 10-Fold Higher Before Democrats Passed Obamacare - Weekly Standard (2) How John Boehner Might Keep Obamacare Around Forever - Redstate

The Obama administration’s Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that, since the official end of the recession over two years ago (in June 2009), the percentage of Americans who are employed has actually dropped, while most Americans who are employed are now making less money (in inflation-adjusted dollars) than they were during the recession. Why is our economy plainly failing to match the historical pattern of strong growth following a recession? New analysis suggests that Obamacare (signed into law — “With the strokes of 22 pens” — on March 23, 2010) could be a principal cause. The Heritage Foundation’s James Sherk writes, “Private-sector job creation initially recovered from the recession at a normal rate, leading to predictions last year of a “Recovery Summer.” Since April 2010, however, net private-sector job creation has stalled. Within two months of the passage of Obamacare, the job market stopped improving. This suggests that businesses are not exaggerating when they tell pollsters that the new health care law is holding back hiring. Read more......  Steve Peters: ObamaCare is killing off the job growth and the economy, assisted by a huge pile of other regulations forced on us by this marxist administration. The producers in this country refuse to become the economic slaves of the takers, lead by the pied piper of class warfare policies, President Obama. This administration is frustrated that they cannot force the producers to provide for the takers in our society, so they will happily run to the polls like lemmings to vote them back into office. Socialism is not cool Mr. President, and has not worked out well for any country throughout the history of man that has attempted to enslave one portion of it's citizens to provide for the rest.

How John Boehner Might Keep Obamacare Around Forever - Redstate - If the New York Times reports tonight are true, John Boehner may just be destroying any chance the Supreme Court would get rid of Obamacare and making it even more likely Obamacare will never be repealed.  Talk about negotiating with yourself. If Boehner gets what he wants — and Obama might just give it to him with enough rope to hang himself — the nation really is screwed.  Here’s the relevant part of the New York Times story:  But the president and Mr. Boehner were moving ahead with their plan, aides said, trying to agree on matters like how much new revenue would be raised, how much would go to deficit reduction, how much to lower tax rates and, perhaps most critical, how to enforce the requirement for new tax revenue through painful consequences for both parties should they be unable to overhaul the tax code in 2012.  The White House wants a trigger that would raise taxes on the wealthy; Mr. Boehner wants the potential penalty for inaction to include repeal of the Obama health care law’s mandate that all individuals purchase health insurance after 2014.  Read more........

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