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ICLEI, Agenda 21 - Private Property Rights -#3094 - Agenda 21 - Obama, Progressive Democrats, MSM, Academics, the UN. and Agency Ideologues - Patriot Action Network (2) Glossary of Terms to Know on Sustainability, Agenda 21 and Private Property Rights - Alliance for Citizen Rights

Agenda 21 - Obama, Progressive Democrats, MSM, Academics, the UN, and Agency Ideologues - Patriot Action - American voters are regularly whipped into Crisis mode by the Left. The current debt talks are an example. Yes the debt is important. Yes, the debt can cause problems. But NO, the debt crisis will not affect your way of life immediately - there are many options to limit or fix the debt. The debt ceiling can be raised and put to bed for a couple years. Agenda 21 cannot be stopped easily. The Left rely upon voters being distracted away from the Big Picture, Game Changing legislation that stands to monumentally impact their lives. News likes Agenda 21 seldom get reported. PC - The Politically Correct attack upon language , thought, and legislation to enforce PC compliance is the only issue that compares to Agenda 21. But PC didn't affect your income directly. Agenda 21 will. Few legislative items command a similar comprehensively broad scope. Politicians fear tackling an issue so radical and comprehensive. Issues like Agenda 21 require every agency in government be indoctrinated, prepared, and playing a roll in its implementation. Otherwise it fails. Stopping portions of Agenda 21 will not stop all of it. Ideologues will accept partial successes - so long as portions of Agenda 21 remain viable. Agenda 21 is comparables are Social Security - initially sold widows and orphans protection. Medicare / Medicaid originally sold as a CHEAP, limited, assistance for only the destitute. Items like Agenda 21 must be hidden from public knowledge - until it is too late. Legislation like Agenda 21 is only revealed after the laws are set - Federal, State, Local. The public only learns about it when enforcement arrives at their home or office and informs them they face harsh penalties - fines, perhaps inprisonment. Agenda 21 is nearly there. Agenda 21 will be implemented across the USA in 2012 - unless it is stopped. Congress must take specific action to derail plans currently in the legal pipeline.  Read more.........

Glossary of Terms to Know on Sustainability, Agenda 21 and Private Property Rights - Alliance for Citizen Rights - GLOSSARY OF TERMS YOU NEED TO KNOW -   The definition in black is taken from official documents which are identified in the footnotes. The definition or commentary printed in blue is a description of how the term is likely employed in practice.  This glossary is by no means a complete listing of the terms that you may encounter in the coming months and years but should be sufficient to arouse your interest in what is happening to the American social structure and how it will effect your life. Terms will also tend to change as people become wise to the true meaning behind them, as "Outcome Based Education" became "Goals 2000". Built Environment: “The built environment encompasses all of the buildings, spaces, and products created or modified by people.” (1a)
Carrying Capacity: The optimum demand for system sustainability or the maximum demand a system can support without serious compromise or collapse. (1)
Translation: Local government will determine how many human resources a specific area will contain. A higher density of people (per square foot) means that local government is efficiently fulfilling the goal of the master plan.
Core Area: A "Wilderness Area" set aside for animal and plant populations. Human residences are not permitted, although scientific study areas will be allowed.
Translation: Core areas are one element of the "Wildlands Project" that calls for the setting aside of 50% of the land mass of North America as habitat for wild animals. Core areas will exclude human intrusion and be surrounded by "buffer zones" where limited human residences may be permitted. Core areas will be connected by "corridors" so that animal populations in one core area may have unfettered access to animal populations in other core areas. This is a fifty-year plan and it is already finding implementation in state laws. Refer to our web page on THE WILDLANDS PROJECT.  Read entire document.........  AW: Please read both the article and this document, you must be aware of these terms and the meanings behind them.  Remember in Albemarle County and Charlottesville, this is exactly what the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission is working on implementing in our area.  In other areas in the U.S., this is also occurring thru ICLEI, UN Agenda 21 and other governmental agencies.  You will want to make a copy of this document, keep it for reference and share with friends.

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