Thursday, July 28, 2011

George Allen Senate Race 2012 - #3117 - Opinion-Robert Brame - Kaine Gets It Badly Wrong on Boeing - Richmond Times-Dispatch

In a Delphic-like statement, former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine simultaneously claims to support the "existing law that a company can open, locate or relocate where it wants" and contends that the "courts" should decide the National Labor Relations Board acting general counsel's demand that Boeing abandon its almost $2 billion facility in South Carolina. The demand is not based on "existing law," and waiting as long as a decade for resolution by the courts has enormous, harmful consequences — not only to Boeing but to Southern workers and American industry in general. Now is the time for our leaders, like Kaine, to take a stand against this restriction on American businesses. A little more than 10 years ago, a highly partisan NLRB general counsel made a similar attempt to expand the law. In that case, a union decided not to strike but instead to use an "inside game," whereby workers would do only the exact tasks required by the collective-bargaining agreement. For example, instead of taking the utility's trucks home so they could respond promptly to emergencies, the utility's linemen left them at their work station. As a result, they could no longer respond quickly to families and consumers who had lost power or encountered dangerous downed power lines.  Read more.........

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