Friday, July 29, 2011

Debt Ceiling Debate - #3118 - VIDEO: Sean Hannity Interview with Rand Paul - Is There a Debt Plan that Could Pass? - Fox (2) Update: 10-14 GOP Senators Against Boehner's Plan? Breaking: No Vote Tonight; Vote Tomorrow Update: Hoyer Now Talking About 14th Amendment Option (3) Five Fairly Short Points - Redstate

Sean Hannity interview with Rand Paul - Is There a Debt Plan that could Pass? - Fox

Update: 10-14 GOP Senators Against Boehner's Plan? Breaking: No Vote Tonight, Vote Tomorrow  Update: Hoyer Now Talking About 14th Amendment Option - .......Update: GOP whip Kevin McCarthy sends out the word: No vote tonight. Whether that means the bill is dead or that they’re going to try again tomorrow, no one knows yet. But after applying relentless pressure on the caucus for two days, the fact that they’re easing off and letting them go home presumably means they’re not going to present this thing as is tomorrow. Either they’ll tweak it and hope that that shakes a few votes loose or Boehner’s going to abandon the whole thing and huddle with Reid on some sort of bipartisan bill. This isn’t as epic a defeat for him as losing on an actual roll call would be, but he’s weakened.Update: A liberal on Twitter warned me last night not to make too much of the lefty chatter about Obama’s supposed Fourteenth Amendment option since the White House itself has rejected it several times. Makes sense — except that Clyburn, who’s number three in the caucus, was rapturous about it yesterday. And now here’s none other than Steny Hoyer rattling the constitutional saber:  “It’s arguably his power to do so,” Hoyer told MSNBC.  “Very frankly, if it came down to his looking default in the eye on Tuesday or taking this action, as President Clinton said, better to take the action and find out later that perhaps he went beyond his authority but at least protected the credibility of the United States of America,” he said.  The remarks align Hoyer with a number of other House Democratic leaders, who are urging Obama to invoke the Constitution to prevent a government default if Congress fails to raise the debt limit before an Aug. 2 deadline.  Is that what Carney was alluding to in the clip I posted up top? Because let me tell you: If you think this standoff can’t become any more of a clusterfark, let the Democrats try to raise the debt ceiling on their own. Bedlam.  Read entire article.........

Five Fairly Short Points - Redstate - (1) House Republicans are walking into an enormous trap. The Boehner plan is sufficiently similar to the Reid plan, in virtually all important respects, that its passage will lead to the following compromise:  The adoption of Boehner’s ten years of sham cuts,which will be ephemeral beyond fiscal year 2012. Even John McCain said tonight that Gramm-Rudman (whose “sequestration” provisions are the enforcement mechanism for Boehner) became worthless because Congress just started declaring emergencies.  A commission which will report out large tax increases which cannot be filibustered. The “deciders” on the commission will be six Pelosi/Reid people and one squish Republican, who will be corralled into submission by:  A “trigger” which will make the pressure currently being applied to Congress seem small by comparison. (2) Unless you can guarantee that it will go to the states, a guarantee of a losing vote on the balanced budget amendment is worthless.  (3) Dick Morris is correct that if Tuesday comes and goes, with only a shut-down of unessential government agencies, the American people will see Obama’s fear-mongering for what it is.  (4) Furthermore, as 2008 taught us, the GOP can sell all of its principles and spend the better part of a trillion dollars and the stock market will still continue to fall –- particularly since Standard & Poor’s is about to downgrade the U.S. for being too timid in debt reduction.  (5) Finally, Obama is currently reeling from his poor stewardship. For Republicans to capitulate and give him a “compromise” will reset him on a glide path to reelection. The liberal media is currently “spinning” that Republicans have won, but, after they lose, their surrender will be reported for what it was.

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