Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Debt Ceiling Debate - #3114 - Debt Ceiling Chicken - Townhall (2) Steve Peters Commentary

The big news, as far as the media are concerned, is the political game of debt-ceiling chicken that is being played by Democrats and Republicans in Washington. But, however much the media are focused on what is happening inside the Beltway, there is a whole country outside the Beltway -- and the time is long overdue to start thinking about what is best for the rest of the country, not just for right now but for the long haul. Read more.......
Steve Peters Commentary: From 2008 to 2010 the Liberal Democrats controlled the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. They operated like the Republicans where not even present in any of the chambers, and that all of the "radical tea party" flyover voters did not exist. They went on a drunken sailor spending binge that increased discretionary spending 84%(including stimulus), with very few, if any votes from the Republicans. The ObamaCare bill, which passed with NO Republican votes in either chamber is a great example of how they conducted themselves, when they obtained unchecked power. Every poll told the Democrats that a majority of American did not want ObamaCare. Every credible poll since it became law continues to show that a majority of Americans do not want ObamaCare. The voters responded to their spending and governance in the 2010 election, by overwhelmingly removing Democrats from office. 
   The President now calls for a "balanced approach" to the debt ceiling battle, because the words tested well with the independent voters. The only problem is almost every word this president speaks to the American People is a lie. It is a continuation of his policy to say one thing to the American people through the national liberal media, then turn around and do the exact opposite, when he thinks no one is paying attention. Obama and the Democrats had a really lavish party with our tax dollars AND our national credit card, rewarding all their crony union supporters. The producers of America were not invited to the party, nor the planning for it, but are now being asked to pay for it. On top of trying to stick us with the tab for the prior spending binge, now they come to us saying a "balanced approach" is to let them continue the spending binge at a slightly slower pace. Their class warfare proposal to pay for the continued spending is to increase taxes on those who create the jobs and pay most of the personal income taxes.The top 10% pay about 70% of ALL the personal income taxes, while the bottom 50% actually pay less than Zero when you add in the Earned Income Tax Credit. Lenin, Castro, and Chavez would be happy with these excessively progressive income tax levels, but not the Democrats lead by Obama, the pied piper of class warfare policies. Only in "Obama speak" is someone making about $100,000/200,000(single/family), a "millionaire or a Billionaire." The economy is stalled and the tax revenues are down over $400,000,000,000, because the Federal Government, under the control of the Democrats are in a class warfare struggle with the producers of wealth and jobs. When they are not trying to find ways to pick our pockets directly for additional tax funds, they are forcing private companies through Obama's administrative laws to increase the prices of the products that we buy. 
   The EPA is bypassing the expressed wishes of Congress through administrative law(aided with a 130% funding increase under Obama) and regulatory madness is going to cost the consumer billions of dollars per year in increased utility bills(estimated job losses of 1.44 million and direct increases of up to 25% for utility bills). The only true stimulus package that will bring the tax paying Americans some relief and help this economy to recover will take place, is when the American Voters remove these politicians from office in the 2012 election.

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