Sunday, July 24, 2011

Campus Crusade for Christ - #3104 - Popular Campus Crusade for Christ to Drop 'Crusade" and 'Christ' from Name - The Blaze

Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) — the popular, large-scale Christian organization — has decided to make a major change. In early 2012, the multi-faceted para-church group will officially drop the name it has held for 60 years, replacing it with a three-letter word — “Cru.” While many within the group are praising the change, some outsiders wonder if the ministry, which seeks to “build spiritual movements everywhere so everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus Christ,“ is making the wrong decision by removing ”Christ” from its title. Founded by Bill and Vonette Bright at UCLA back in 1951, the organization — which today brings in $490 million per year in revenue — spread rapidly. By 1960, 40 U.S. college campuses had chapters, with at least two others already operating in foreign countries. By 1996, Money Magazine dubbed the group the most efficient religious ministry in America. According to CCC’s web site:  Read more........

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