Friday, July 22, 2011

Abortion - #3097 - Obama Department of Justice Takes Elderly Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor to Court - Hot Air

Obama Department of Justice Takes Elderly Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor to Court - Hot Air - Those who know Dick Retta describe him as a peaceful, prayerful man, who regards his sidewalk counseling outside the Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington as a ministry. Retta even conducts weekend training sessions to encourage other pro-life advocates to stand outside the facility to offer words of hope, encouragement and possibility to the young women who come and go from the abortion center. At these training sessions, one attendee says, he specifically emphasizes that the point of sidewalk counseling is not to block access, but, instead, to remind pregnant women that they do, in fact, have a choice other than abortion — and to offer post-abortion healing, as well, as few abortion centers prepare women for all of the possible emotional consequences of their decision. But perhaps nothing attests to Retta’s warm and compassionate nature so much as the influence he has been able to have on the women he counsels as he walks side-by-side with them. Some estimate that, over the past 14 years or so, Retta’s words have resulted in more than 1,000 “saves,” what members of the pro-life movement call the change of heart that leads a pregnant mother to choose to have her child.“They go in and they’re kind of sullen in what they’re doing, and I’m sure there’s a lot of sorrow there,” Retta says in the video. “But when they change their mind, they’re smiling, they’re happy about it and they’re willing to talk to us.”

Yet, this man, the Department of Justice describes as “among the most vocal and aggressive anti-abortion protesters outside the Clinic.” In fact, the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ has brought a lawsuit against Retta, alleging that he has repeatedly violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Act, obstructing entrance to the clinic on at least one occasion. The complaint objects to Retta “walk[ing] very closely beside patients” and says he yells at them.  Retta was not available for comment when I contacted him by phone, but he reportedly was shocked at the allegations.  Read more........... AW: Please watch this video, one of the most moving examples of someone who cares about the babies whose lives could be terminated, but also the women who are experiencing very difficult decisions,  What courage he has in such a caring, compassionate way of communicating with women who come to this Planned Parenthood Center.  We should all learn from Dick's example, and try to our own way to help.  In Charlottesville, please call Pregnancy Center of Central Virginia, 434-220-3777. 

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