Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - Obamacare - #3007 - McKinsey Report: Obamacare Will Cost Taxpayers Additional $400B - Money News.com (2) Perry: - Stand Up and 'Stop Apologizing' - Fist Read-NBC (3) 10 Reasons Obama is a One-Term President - Human Events

A new report from McKinsey and Company, which says the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — a.k.a. Obamacare — will cost at least $400 billion more than expected over the next 10 years, has created controversy since its release earlier this month. According to the report, the implementation of the plan will cause employers to shift away from providing health insurance to a vastly greater degree than expected. “Our research suggests that when employers become more aware of the new economic and social incentives embedded in the law and of the option to restructure benefits beyond dropping or keeping them, many will make dramatic changes,” the report says.  Read more........  SP: If Democrats had allowed Americans the time to read the bill and study the effects before it was voted on, we would not have ObamaCare today. But, the liberals were well aware of that, and is why they preceded in the manner that they did. Democrats just passed a major financial bill with the discredited politicians, Christopher Dodd and BarneyFrank leading the charge. "Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said no comprehensive study of the new rules on credit has been conducted. "It's been the most comprehensive financial reform since the 1930s, we don't have quantitative tools to do that," Bernanke said. "There is going to be some trade-off here," he said, adding the rules could be tweaked later.' The FDA does not allow any drug to come to market without extensive study, so why are we allowing the Democrats to fly by the seat of their pants on issues like these that will have profound effects on the economy and all our lives?

Perry: - Stand Up an 'Stop Apologizing' - First Read, NBC -  Rick Perry delivered an unapologetically socially conservative speech before a friendly crowd here.  “We need to stop apologizing for celebrating life,” the Republican Texas governor bellowed at the Republican Leadership Conference in a finger-pointing, finger-wagging and, at times, bombastic, speech.  “Stop apologizing” for wanting to stem the tide of the “entitlement mindset,” he boasted.  “Our opponents on the left are never going to like us, so let’s stop trying to curry favor with them,” he said, before imploring the crowd to “stand up. Let’s speak with pride about our values. Let’s stop this American downward spiral.”  He acknowledged later with a smile, “I’m preaching to the choir here."  Perry did not address the speculation surrounding his potential run for president and did not take questions after his speech. Instead, after bounding off the stage to chants of, “Run, Rick, run,” pumping his fists, and shaking hands with audience members, he headed backstage and did not reemerge in the hallways here.  Read more....... SP: A real stand and deliver conservative speech with no apology. This is what the base has been waiting to hear from one of the candidates. This will now likely turn into a horse race between Romney and Perry, if the Texas Governor enters the race.

10 Reasons Obama is a One-Term President - Human Events -   Less than two months ago, buzzing from the president’s gutsy call to eliminate Osama bin Laden, liberal pontificators had practically sworn in Barack Obama for his second term. “For the GOP the sands are rushing through the hourglass,” Roger Simon wrote in a column whose title had wondered whether the president was “invincible.” He claimed that with Geronimo KIA, “the Republican field has been fried like an egg. In reality, the president’s short-term popularity boost had fried the long-term judgment of his supporters.  The reasons to believe Obama a one-term president are many and well-grounded. 10. The Declaration of Independents - Read more for reasons 1-9 ............

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