Monday, June 13, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #2983 -Get Ready for Electricity Prices to "Necessarily Skyrocket" - Hot Air (2) We Have Seen Our Sad Future and It is Europe - (3) Obama Administration Puts the Squeeze on Tax Havens - Townhall

Get Ready for Electricity Prices to "Necessarily Skyrocket - Hot Air - Have you had a lot of fun watching the price of gasoline shoot out of sight this year at the pump? That will be just the appetizer. Thanks to new regulations from the Obama administration, power companies will shut down a significant number of coal-fired plants by 2014, and without any other reliable sources of mass-produced electricity, consumers will see their bills go up as much as 60% (via Instapundit and Newsalert):  Consumers could see their electricity bills jump an estimated 40 to 60 percent in the next few years.  The reason: Pending environmental regulations will make coal-fired generating plants, which produce about half the nation’s electricity, more expensive to operate. Many are expected to be shuttered.  The increases are expected to begin to appear in 2014, and policymakers already are scrambling to find cheap and reliable alternative power sources. If they are unsuccessful, consumers can expect further increases as more expensive forms of generation take on a greater share of the electricity load.   We can consider this a rarity — an Obama promise kept:  Read more...... SP: More of the Obama economic hope and change. He will all drive us into the poor house, if we let him continue down this path.

We Have Seen Our Sad Future and It is Europe - If Americans think fuel and food prices are high, they should try Europe, where both can nearly double those in the U.S. — while salaries here are often lower.   Italians, like most now-broke Southern European countries, are desperate to privatize bloated public-owned utilities. Politicians are trying to curb pensions, and to encourage the private sector to hire workers and buy equipment, as a way of attracting wary foreigner parents to lend such perpetual adolescents more bailout money.  Read more........ SP: Obama has a dream, and to see it, just climb on as plane and fly to "OLD EUROPE." Take your American Express card, because the prices are a lot higher for food , shelter, and energy. Your alternative is to stay here, work hard, and gather all your conservative friends for the 2011/2012 elections

Obama Administration Puts the Squeeze on Tax Havens - Townhall - Obama Administration Puts the Squeeze on Tax Havens Reuters reports that the Obama Administration's Department of Justice is going after tax havens in Switzerland in the face of budget deficits and a push to eek even more tax revenue out of U.S. citizens.  Swiss and U.S. authorities have held informal exploratory talks that touched on regularizing untaxed money held by wealthy Americans in secret Alpine accounts, a spokesman for a finance ministry office said.  The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a U.S. bill adopted in March 2010 that forces non-U.S. banks to automatically share a vast amount of information regarding the bank dealings of their U.S. clients.  Read more.......

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