Saturday, June 11, 2011

Robert Hurt - #2977 -VIDEO: Representative Robert Hurt Visits Charlottesville - NBC29 News

Representative Robert Hurt Visits Charlottesville - NBC29 News - House Representative Robert Hurt is making his rounds in the 5th District this week. He stopped in Charlottesville Thursday to talk business, stressing spending cuts and job creation are what central Virginia voters need from Washington. The Free Enterprise Forum is a group of men and women who have their hands in a lot of business in and around Charlottesville. They wanted to know how the feds were helping or hurting their cause on Thursday. Usually the table full of Free Enterprise Forum board members entertains county supervisors or city councilors but Thursday, it was Hurt who sat down for lunch. Free Enterprise Forum President Neil Williamson stated, "It's important that we engage with our representatives on all levels of government to let them know what's going on in our businesses and how the government through action or inaction is helping or harming our enterprises."Read more......

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