Sunday, June 12, 2011

Religious Freedoms - #2982 - Ten Commandments to Return to Giles Co., Va. Schools - Pilot online

The Ten Commandments will return to the walls of Giles County schools, after a school board majority vowed Tuesday to dig in for what could be a long and costly court battle. The board voted 3-2 Tuesday afternoon to rehang the Commandments among a display of nine other historical documents. About 50 people stayed silent while the board began its meeting. Many of the attendees have prayed and pressed for this outcome since the district first removed the documents from school halls in December amid pressure to take them down. The board then heard two comments from members of the public -- one for and one against -- and quickly voted after that.......The American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia and Freedom from Religion Foundation have said they will sue the school board, alleging violations of parts of the First Amendment that protect religious freedom. The groups will ask for an injunction in U.S. District Court, their attorneys have said. On Tuesday, attorney Patrick Elliott of Freedom from Religion, an atheist and agnostic group, said it's "very likely" his organization and the ACLU will sue after they consult two families they represent in Giles County. Meanwhile, Buckland said he and Superintendent Terry Arbogast had consulted attorneys at the Liberty Counsel. The conservative Christian legal group will represent the school board pro bono if the district faces a legal battle.  Read more.......

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