Thursday, June 16, 2011

Portico Church, Charlottesville, Va. - #2994 - VIDEO: Team Joplin, The Story of the Tornado from Brian - Day 3 (2) VIDEOS: Day 4 - Clearing foundation of Second House -Last Day

Portico Church, Charlottesville, Team Joplin - Brian, a local resident shares his story from the day of the tornado, his other family members and his neighbors. AW: Amazing testimony of what happened to Brian on the day of the tornado, please watch.  

Team Joplin - 4th and last day - Clearing foundation of second house.  Last video - after work is completed on second house........ - Thank you all for your prayers, we have had a very productive few days here in Joplin. God has done some great things in both our team, and to the local’s here in Joplin during our visit. Here are some videos from our last day of work here. Please pray for safe and quick travels tomorrow. We are leaving at 5 a.m. and driving straight to Cville trying to arrive around midnight. If we don’t feel safe, we will probably stop and sleep somewhere in West-VA. We love the support from our church family! Finally, I am utterly exhausted from all of our work here, but I have to tell you how inspired I am by the crew who came with me. They worked in the worst of conditions, under the blazing sun, got covered in dirt, and didn’t complain once. They are amazing. You all should really be proud of your Portico Mission Joplin Crew. You will probably hear another update from me on the road, however, you will for sure hear from me on Sunday morning in worship services. Justin

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