Friday, June 24, 2011

Jewish Discrimination? - #3017 - Delta Airlines No longer Allowing Jewish Passengers on Flights to Saudi Arabia? - Hot Air (2) Colorado Ending Medicaid Coverage for Routine Circumcisions - CNS News

Utter madness if true. Is it?  Delta Airlines, in its new alliance with Saudi Arabian Airlines, might wind up making a bargain shocking Jews and Christians — no Jews, no Bibles on board to the desert kingdom.  Delta doesn’t currently fly to Saudi Arabia, but next year it will have a new code-sharing agreement with the Saudi airlines through the SkyTeam network. That means folks may be booking through Delta but still flying a Saudi airline…  Jewish leader Rabbi Irwin Kula was wary about inflaming concerns on this, saying he knows many Jewish professionals who are very open about their religious identity who fly to Saudi Arabia all the time for business.  World Net Daily has a copy of a letter from a Delta spokesperson insisting that the airline doesn’t discriminate but noting that “Delta must also comply with all applicable laws in every country it serves” and that “If a passenger travels without proper documents, the passenger may be denied entry into that country and our airline may be fined.In other words, if the Kingdom has a “no Jews allowed” policy then Delta, however reluctantly, has a “no Jews allowed” policy.  Read more......

Colorado Ending Medicaid Coverage for Routine Circumcisions - CNS News - From the Denver Post: Colorado will end coverage for routine circumcisions under Medicaid next month, saving the state's general fund $186,500 a year. Lawmakers approved that and other budget cuts during the recent legislative session.  Halting Medicaid coverage for circumcision is a relatively easy choice because there's virtually no medical justification for the procedure. Some states (Mass.) and cities (Santa Monica and San Francisco) are proposing laws banning the procedure, arguing that circumcision is comparable to female genital mutilation.  But circumcision is a sacred obligation in the Jewish faith, and one critic told the newspaper, "This is really about the free exercise of religion."AW:  First San Francisco, now Colorado, does anyone see a trend here, where is the balance of positive health issues relative to this medical procedure?

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