Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ICLEI, UN Agenda 21 - Private Property Rights - #3009 - Unconfirmed News: Sarasota Co., Fla., Decided to Quit ICLEI - Va. Right (2) Pinellas Co. Has Left ICLEI: Liberty Underground/1787 Radio Reports- Va. Right (3) What Can One Person Do? Educate a Candidate for Mayor, That is! - Virginia Right

I heard from two liberty activists that Sarasota County (FL) has elected to leave ICLEI due to too many protests about the organization. This is a great victory as the county has nearly 380,000 residents! However, Sarasota County is still deep into sustainability and it will take a tremendous effort to distill the good from the bad and set the county straight. However, getting the county out of ICLEI is a good start.  I’ll try to confirm it.

Pinellas Co., Florida Has Left ICLEI: Liberty Underground/1787 Radio Reports! - Virginia Right - Unconfirmed: Another great victory against ICLEI in Pinellas County, Florida! (Pinellas County is in the Tampa Bay area and contains the city of St. Petersburg)  1787 Radio Network (also called Liberty Underground) interviewed Pinellas County Commissioner Norm Roche and Commissioner Roche reported that the previous county commission had joined ICLEI. A unnamed liberty activist (ONE PERSON!) spoke to Roche and had done his/her homework and found the ICLEI tie and also explained the problems associated with ICLEI. Commissioner Roche did his homework, too and discovered about a month ago (January 2011) the county had in fact joined ICLEI (The ICLEI web site today confirms that Pinellas County is a member of ICLEI)  Commissioner Roche said, “It’s a real thing. * * * To call it crazy is wrong.” I am trying to confirm this report. But it is exciting to hear how one liberty activist, armed with his/her homework, (assisted by couple of others) can persuade a county commissioner of a county of nearly one million people (916,542) to get them to leave ICLEI. This would be a major victory if confirmed.

What Can One Person Do? Educate a Candidate for Mayor, That Is! - Virginia Right Peggy Reed from Akron, Ohio tells this event recently:  Peggy wrote: “Monday I had a meeting with a woman who is running for mayor here in Akron Ohio. I was interviewing her for our neighborhood association and one of the questions I asked her was if she became mayor, would she drop our membership in ICLEI? She said she had never heard of it. I handed her the data printed up from ICLEI’s website that listed our city as a member . She was kind of blown away. I was stunned when I heard Beck talking about it. I hope he helped wake some people up!”  Thanks, Peggy – you’re my hero today! I have a flyer for ICLEI to hand out and distribute as long as Mechanicsville Tea Party and me gets the credit.

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