Friday, June 17, 2011

ICLEI, UN Agenda 21 - Private Property Rights - #2997 - Unconfirmed Reports: Municipalities in Texas and Massachusetts, Have Left ICLEI - Virginia (2) Sustainablists Behaving Badly, Part 1 - Carole Thorpe, Schilling Show

I am receiving now reports from throughout the nation of patriots standing for the Constitution and against ICLEI and Agenda 21. There two are unconfirmed but I have heard that Georgetown, Texas and Carver, Massachusetts have left ICLEI. There was a recent mayoral election in Georgetown and one of the candidates, John Marler, made ICLEI and Agenda 21 one of his issues: Marler did not win; however, it is noted that Georgetown is NO LONGER a member of ICLEI! I cannot yet confirm the withdrawal. One person can however make a difference. In Carver, Massachusetts resides one of my heroes. Lisa Martin goes to the town meetings and fights the implementation of Agenda 21 in her community. For two straight years she has beaten back the Stretch Energy Code (I confess I am not sure what this is but it sounds like Agenda 21 from what little I know!) that the state encourages the communities to pass. She also is a praying woman who fights in God’s strength. Here’s from an edited excerpt from what she sent me: “God was with us. It was amazing, to see residents, armed with research and facts about this nightmare. I prayed and God got me through. I spoke and then many others got up to speak. The green committee was baffled and tried to say I did not do my research, but, I did. I made sure to contact both agencies on this issues, to get the pros and cons. I had paperwork to prove it.”  Read more........

Sustainablists Behaving Badly, Part 1 - Carole Thorpe, Jefferson Area Tea Party, Schilling Show - On June 8, roughly 300 people packed Lane Auditorium for a work session held during the regularly scheduled Albemarle County Board of Supervisors meeting to discuss several items relating to Sustainable Development in our community. This work session was called directly as a result concerns raised by the Jefferson Area Tea Party during its five-month fight to end County membership in ICLEI – International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. While hiding behind a fa├žade of benign environmentalism, ICLEI promotes the implementation of a radical political agenda called U.N. Agenda 21 that seeks to establish big central planning in local governments, effect behavior change through local Codes and Ordinances, eradicate individual liberty, and destroy private property rights.  In conjunction with its battle against ICLEI, the JATP also encouraged the County to rescind its participation in the Cool Counties initiative and reject its partnership in a County/City/UVA consortium under the administration of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC). The TJPDC applied for and was selected to receive a $999,000.00 federal grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to fund a three-year joint implementation plan of the recently re-branded “Livable Communities Planning Project” in our region.  Read more.........


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