Friday, June 3, 2011

ICLEI, UN Agenda 21 - Private Property Rights - #2957 - Abingdon/Bristol Files Freedom of Information Request on Town Involvement with ICLEI and United Nations - 10th Amendment Foundation, Inc.

Agenda 21 what is it? and why do you want to care about it?  The 10th Amendment Foundation along with SW VA Tea-Party Abingdon/Bristol have requested though the Freedom of Information Request with the Town of Abingdon on their involvement with ICLEI of the United Nations. We also spoke with the Washington County Board of Supervisors of Virginia about what Agenda 21 is and the unconstitutional relationship that they might be engaging in with this organization.  Find out more what we are doing about Agenda 21 click here for more info., 6/2/2011 update: we have a meeting with the Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Abingdon Va Monday June 6 @ 1700 Will update when we finish the meeting next week.  The 10th Amendment Foundation did file its first ever suit in federal court in the Western district of Virginia in Roanoke today ! Now the fun begins! Click here to find out more what we are doing about this  Members of The 10th Amendment Foundation may go into the Members' Only Section to see the first outline of our Bill of Complaint and to follow our action. You will need your user name and password.  Read more.......

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