Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Glenn Beck - #3032 - VIDEO: Texas Sets the Economic Standard - Glenn Beck TV Show 6/27/11 - Fox (2) Glenn Beck: VIDEO: The Search for Courage - TV Show - 6/28/11

Glenn Beck TV Show - Texas Sets the Economic Standard - 6/27/11 - Today marks the beginning of the end of the Fox News era! There are only three shows left after tonight! And tonight, it’s all about Texas! Glenn sits down with Texas Governor Rick Perry and Rep. Ron Paul to discuss how Texas stacks up economically against the rest of the country…and why the rest of the country, including the White House should pay attention to what they’re doing down there. After all, they are producing nearly HALF of all the new jobs in America right now. Why? It’s pretty common sense stuff…find out the details tonight!  Texas became the USA’s second-largest economy during the past decade — displacing New York and perhaps heading one day toward challenging California — in one of the biggest economic shifts in the past half-century. Texas notched one of the biggest increases in size in a half-century, surpassing $1 trillion in annual economic output. The state gained nearly a full percentage point in its share of the U.S. economy during the decade, reaching 8.3% in 2010. This growth in economic clout has been matched only twice in the past 50 years — by California in the 1980s and Texas itself during the 1970s oil boom.

Glenn Beck TV Show - The Search for Courage - 6/28/11 - Glenn talks about an incident involving he and his family that took place last night at a New York City park in which they were harassed and accosted by several angry leftists.  While Glenn admitted that he knows better than to expect a warm welcome in New York City, what bothered him most was the cowardly behavior of the hateful crowd. Glenn will be spending his upcoming vacation searching the world for courage. He is set to begin what he is calling “the search for courage and I’m going around the world and I’m looking for examples of courage.”  Despite the cruelness of the crowd, Glenn reminded his listeners that moments like this must serve as an opportunity to learn and grow. These incidences provide a chance to prove to all the naysayers that in the end, love and courage will always prevail.  “Search for individual courage, search for those moments when you are truly alone and sober,” Glenn said. “Search for those moments and when you find them, do not pile into the rage, find a way to love because in the end, only love remains.”  Only two more shows are left on Fox News after tonight, don’t miss tomorrow’s program and then a very special show on Thursday as Glenn signs off the air for the last time on Fox News.

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