Tuesday, June 28, 2011

George Soros - #3029 - New Soros Agenda: Stacking the Courts - The Blaze

Is there no end to the number and types of left-wing political causes George Soros sinks his inexhaustible supply of money into? Apparently not.  From funding a Super PAC to defeat Republican candidates, to spending $48 million on the media, to his plan for a one world government in Agenda 21, to his crusade to legalize drugs, Soros is on a mission to change the world, literally. This time, however, he’s focused on the slightly more subtle agenda of electing non-federal judges. In other words, stacking the courts.  According to a FoxNews.com report Monday, the left-wing billionaire is now drawing ire from critics for trying to “stack the courts.” In a review of Soros‘ Open Society Institute’s tax returns from the last decade, the report uncovered more than $5 million in earmarks for “judicial selection.”  One of Soros’ priorities, the reports says, is to replace elections for judges with “selection-by-committee.”  Read more.......

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