Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Freedoms to Protect - #3031 - VIDEO: Think Economic Freedom, Think High Quality of Life - Koch Foundation - Hot Air

Think Economic Freedom, Think Higher Quality of Life - Hot Air - Just as confidence in the economy drops below 2010 levels, a new video from the Charles Koch Foundation makes the case for economic freedom with a resonant question and the indisputable graphics to answer it. The connection between economic freedom and quality of life couldn’t be clearer. As the video explains, in countries with the most free economies, people earn, on average, more than eight times what people earn in countries with the least free economies — and the poor in the freest economies earn 10 times more than the poor in the most restrictive economies. People in the most economically free countries are happier, have better protected civil rights and cleaner environments. They live, on average, about 20 times longer. The freest countries also have less corruption, less infant mortality, less child labor and less unemployment.  Read more........ AW: Great video, please watch.

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