Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Freedoms Lost? The Bulb Act - #2968 - The Light Bulb Police - American Thinker (2) John Bryson: Obama's Commerce Nominee Wants to Limit Energy Consumption and Redistribute Wealth - American Thinker

Are you stockpiling incandescent light bulbs for the coming ban on January 1, 2012?  I am. You should. What the government is ordering you to buy - fluorescent light bulbs - contain hazardous materials that, if broken, threaten you and your family. Not only that, but the government ordered bulbs are less illuminating and give some people headaches - like my Zsu-Zsu who gets terrible migraines from fluorescents.  It's time to start pressuring Republicans to sign on to a bill that would stop this nanny state nonsense before it starts. The Wall Street Journal:  On January 1, 2012, seven months from this week, Washington will effectively ban the sale of conventional 100 watt incandescent light bulbs that Americans have used nearly since the days of Thomas Edison. Instead we will all be required to buy compact fluorescent lights, or CFLs. We'd like to believe that when the government decrees what kind of light bulbs you can screw into the lamp in your own bedroom, even liberals would be nervous about the nanny state. Yet Republicans have so far shown little interest in voting on the "Bulb Act" cosponsored by Republicans Mike Enzi of Wyoming in the Senate and Joe Barton of Texas in the House.

But that's only half the problem. The other half is disposing of these monstrosities. What happens if you drop one on the floor and break it?  Fluorescent lights also carry their own environmental risks because they contain small amounts of mercury and other toxic materials. The EPA website contains three pages of consumer directions about what to do if you break a CFL bulb in your home: "Open a window and leave the room for 15 minutes or more. Shut off the central heating and air conditioning system. Carefully scoop up glass fragments and powder using stiff paper or cardboard and place them in a glass jar with a metal lid.''  Read more......

John Bryson: Obama's Commerce Nominee Wants to Limit Energy Consumption and Redistribute Wealth - American Thinker - The wise man smiled and proclaimed that government should use "regulatory steps" as well as market forces to intervene in the power generation sector. The man also told his UC Berkeley audience that government should set higher targets for non-fossil-fuel-based energy production and penalize producers that don't comply. The issuer of these decrees was John Bryson, who at the time just happened to be CEO of Edison International, a company whose fortunes would increase under alternative energy mandates. Bryson now happens to be President Obama's nominee to head the Commerce Department. Just another day in Barack Obama's crony capitalist paradise.  Mr. Bryson is a progressive, a member of that species of critter that favors government intervention to force "society" to adhere to policies that know-it-alls deem best. In textbook progressive style, as a prescription for stopping people in undeveloped countries from clearing forests, Bryson proclaimed to a 2009 UN energy conference that "we've got to... find ways to map out the affected lands, to develop plans for addressing them, find economic models in which the people who are driven to do these things to try to raise the livelihoods of their families, find alternative means." [Awkward wording reproduced as is.]  Global wealth redistribution, pure and simple.  Read more.......

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