Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Freedoms Lost? - #2992 -VIDEO: TSA "Security Exercise" Covers 3 States, 5,000 Miles - Prison Planet

TSA "Security Exercise" Covers 3 States, 5,000 Miles - Prison Planet - This video has been viewed 119,271 times.  If you’re still living under the delusion that the TSA is just restricted to airports then think again. A joint VIPR “security exercise” involving military personnel has Transportation Security Administration workers covering 5,000 miles and three states, illustrating once again how the TSA is turning into a literal occupying army for domestic repression in America. The TSA, in alliance with a whole host of federal, state, local agencies as well as military personnel, is currently conducting a massive “security exercise” throughout Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia........ As we have documented, TSA grope downs and body scans are now being rolled out on highways, street corners, train stations, bus depots, public buildings, at sports events, and even at local prom nights as part of the VIPR (Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response) takeover of the country.  The TSA has also announced its intention to expand the VIPR program to include roadside inspections of commercial vehicles, setting up a network of internal checkpoints and rolling out security procedures already active in airports, bus terminals and subway stations to roads and highways across the United States.  These internal checkpoints, run by Homeland Security, the Department of Transportation, and the TSA, involve trucks being scanned with backscatter x-ray devices in the name of “safety” and “counter terrorism."  Read more........  AW: Please watch this video, we need to watching in our areas of the country what is occurring with the TSA and the checkpoints that are being set up to take away our freedoms, and take a stand.

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