Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Elections 2012 - #2949 - Chris Christie's Time to Run - Redstate (2) VIDEO: Iowa Group Heads to New Jersey to Persuade Christie to Run - The Blaze (3) Why Christie Won't Run for President - American Thinker

Redstate editorial: Let me put an editorial note here that this is not in any way, shape, or form an endorsement of Chris Christie. It is, rather, my assessment of his chances for the Presidency should he choose to pass on 2012. The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, claims he has no intention of running for president in 2012. I believe that 2012 is the only time Chris Christie will be a highly viable candidate. Should Chris Christie not run in this presidential cycle, I believe this will be the last we will hear of Chris Christie for President.  I think Chris Christie is going to all have a very difficult time winning reelection in New Jersey in 2013. By then, New Jersey’s debt and economic problems will still be large, even if Chris Christie is successful in this term. Likewise, we can expect a more concerted and unified effort among Democrats and allies like unions than we saw even in 2009. Given New Jersey’s nature as a Democrat leaning state, I think Christie will have a hard time getting reelected. Were he to lose, it would be three years before the next presidential election making it even harder for Chris Christie to be seen as a viable presidential candidate.  Read more......

Iowa Group Heads to New Jersey to Persuade Christie to Run - The Blaze - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is still not running for president.  A group of Iowa campaign contributors traveled to New Jersey to persuade the first-term Republican governor to change his mind and take on President Barack Obama in 2012.  Christie, his wife and political advisers had the group of seven donors and activists over for dinner at the governor’s mansion in Princeton.  According to several people who attended, Christie told Iowa energy company executive Bruce Rastetter — the force behind the meeting — that a run for the Oval Office is not something Christie and his family have begun contemplating.  As a consolation, Christie did accept an invitation to speak at an education conference in July hosted in Iowa by Gov. Terry Branstad.

Why Christie Won't Run for President - American Thinker - For all those rabid Gov. Chris Christie for president conservatives still holding out hope that their man will change his mind and get in the race, there are some very important facts regarding the honorable governor Christie that their presidential political crush may have caused them to overlook. (Listen up Ann Coulter)  Back in January of this year, Gov. Christie appointed attorney Sohail Mohammed to a state Superior Court judgeship.  On the surface, this judicial appointment by Gov. Christie doesn't seem like much of a story, except for the fact that Sohail Mohammed just happens to be an attorney who defended several Muslims shortly after 9/11 who had ties to terror organizations.  Read more........ AW: I like Chris Christie, find this article very troubling for him.  Is there another side to this story, hope so?

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