Sunday, May 22, 2011

Zimbawbe, South Africa - #2921 -" MacGyver Guys" Needed For 'Extreme Makeover' in Africa - Baptist Press

Rick Sykes needs a few dozen "MacGyver guys" for a life-changing "extreme makeover" adventure that will make an eternal difference for thousands of people. Interested? The project Sykes has in his sights is rehabbing Sanyati Baptist Hospital in Zimbabwe, a 60-year-old icon of Southern Baptist overseas work that has fallen into serious disrepair as that country's economy has collapsed. When Sykes, a member of Pleasant Heights Baptist Church in Columbia, Tenn., first visited Sanyati in 2009, he was distressed at what he saw: a completely broken water system, leaking roofs, rotting fascia, termite damage, electrical malfunctions -- and a set of auto headlights hanging from the ceiling of an operating room. The hospital's electrical supply was so unreliable that staff had installed the headlights and a battery in an operating room to be sure doctors weren't plunged into the dark in the middle of surgery. The situation was intolerable for Sykes, a retired maintenance project leader for General Motors.  Sykes was at Sanyati to help with the hospital's water problem -- the compound's wells and pumps weren't working, but he quickly saw a host of other maintenance issues.  "In the two weeks I spent there, the electricity was on maybe 30 percent of the time," Sykes said. "When you go in the operating room and they have two car headlights mounted in the ceiling and a battery over in the corner, you know there's a problem."  (See first photo above)  Read more.......

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