Monday, May 23, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #2922 - Are Jewish Americans Helping Obama Undermining Israel? - Townhall (2) Is There a Real Doctor in the House? Repent! the End of Keynesian Economics is at Hand - Powerline (3) VIDEO: Paul Ryan: I'm Not Running for President Either - Hot Air

“..Are you offended when people pray out loud in public places?” I asked my interview guest. It was 2006 and U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman, a Democrat, was on his way to losing with his own party. I suspected at the time that Mr. Lieberman was in trouble with fellow Democrats because – at least in part – he was “too religious” (after all, he has been known to “give thanks to Yahweh” in public from time to time). So I asked prominent conservative Jewish commentator and columnist Rich Galen to offer his insights on my daily talk show. “Absolutely not” Galen responded when I asked about public prayer being offensive. “And if I’m with Christian friends and they pray before a meal” he continued in his usual good-natured wit, “when they get to the part where they say ‘in Jesus’ name,’ I always shout ‘Amen!,’ because, you know, I need all the help I can get – and what the heck, you Christian folks might be right about the Messiah thing!” Read more...... SP: The conservative religious right is the best friend that Israel has in this country, and maybe the world. They have proved to be a more consistent and reliable friend then Obama and the Democrats. Obama gave a speech this last weekend to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee(AIPAC), In the mid-eighties, AIPAC saw the writing on the wall and started re-aligning with the conservative religious and political right. We promised never again, but the current American policy of this administration does not bode well for Israel.

Is There a Real Doctor in the House - Repent! The End of Keynesian Economics is At Hand - Powerline - I have been puzzled by the extent of the media coverage of some crank's prediction that the world would come to an end today. People are always predicting the end of the world. So far they have always been wrong. Was there something about this particular prediction that was newsworthy? Did any significant number of people expect to wake up this morning and see graves opening and people ascending into Heaven? This morning, there were news stories to the effect that the world still exists. Really! Did reporters expect their readers to be surprised? Why, in short, was this silliness a major media event?  I wish reporters would pay as much attention to a more important failed prediction: the Obama administration's assurance that its policies, including the "stimulus," would foster job creation and prevent unemployment from reaching 8 percent. We have reproduced this graphic before:  Read more...... SP: Obama forgot the golden rule of a doctor treating a patient.....FIRST DO NO HARM. That does assume the "doctor" is competent and knowledgeable enough to know when he is harming the patient. Did the American voter forgot to make sure they were hiring someone qualified and capable of facilitating a pro-growth economy? Should they continue the present course of socialistic treatment, or look for another more capable "doctor" and with a more market driven treatment?

Paul Ryan - I'm Not Running for President Either - If Mitch Daniels created room in the 2012 presidential race for a nationally-known fiscal conservative dedicated to fighting the new Red (Ink) Menace, it won’t be Paul Ryan. Expressing his disappointment over the lost opportunity for a “great addition” to the primary debate, Ryan insisted on subtraction on his behalf. Ryan tells David Gregory that he can do more good for fiscal conservatism from his perch as chair of the House Budget Committee than he can in a dark-horse presidential bid — and that he’s not leaving any doors open or being coy, either (via the Daily Caller):  Read more....... SP: If not running, would he accept a draft? How about a VP job when the smoke clears on the budget? Who better to coordinate with the Senate and the House from the White House? If for some reason he does not get elected, he can still go toe to toe with Obama from the House, as Budget Chairman.

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