Thursday, May 19, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #2911 - Charles Hurt: Democrats Addicted to Spending our Cash - Washington Times (2) Thomas Sowell: A Tragic Irony - Tax the Rich, Hurt the Poor -

Patrick Kennedy, heir to the fading political empire, said in a recent media therapy session that he had to leave Congress in order to sober up. “Obviously, when you’re an elected official, you have lots of people who want to endear themselves to you and not always in the most healthy way,” he told CNN, keeping alive that special Kennedy flame of personal responsibility. “You have people all over the country who want to do you a favor, and they think they are doing you a favor if they do what you ask them,” he said. “Then you’re going to be able to go wherever you want in order to get drinking, to get any kind of medication you think you need in order to make it through.” Patrick Kennedy may no longer be in Congress, but he can still serve as the spiritual and intellectual leader of his party when it comes to their unshakeable addiction to taking our money and spending it in the most obscene and profligate ways.  Read more....... SP:  Charles is on of the few journalist who has spent time in Washington D.C. and been able to keep a main stream "fly-over Country" perspective of America. Most of the journalist amount to nothing more than an unpaid media arm of the Democratic Party. It is gotten so bad, I hear a rumor the IRS may require them to declare part of their salary as a political contirbution to the Democrats(just kidding). If a liberal real "feels" (they do not think) that their cause is so great that it requires other peoples money, then they should be willing to judge that cause by the following criteria. Are you willing to personally go knock on your next door neighbors door, look him straight in the eyes, and demand that his entire family change their lifestyle and budget to fund your liberal program?

Thomas Sowell: A Tragic Irony - Tax the Rich, Hurt the Poor - -  We could definitely use another Abraham Lincoln to emancipate us all from being slaves to words.  In the midst of a historic financial crisis of unprecedented government spending, and a national debt that outstrips even the debt accumulated by the reckless government spending of the previous administration, we are still enthralled by words and ignoring realities.  President Barack Obama's constant talk about "millionaires and billionaires" needing to pay higher taxes would be a bad joke if the consequences were not so serious. Even if the income tax rate were raised to 100% on millionaires and billionaires, it would still not cover the trillions of dollars the government is spending.  Read more........
SP: "Tax what you want less of(revenues), and subsidize what you want more of". Obama said, he knew that lowering or eliminating the capitol gains rate would be better for the country's economy, but would not do it, because "the Rich" would get more money. You could call Obama's economic policy, "Payback Economics", but by attempting to punish "the rich", who really gets hurt in the end? Remember when they passed the law to tax the "yachts" of the rich, and all the blue collar taxpayers in the shipyards lost their jobs? Ultimately they rescinded the terrible law, because the tax "the rich" policy did not work. Are we better, or worse off as a country under Obama's class warfare policies? Obama and the Democrats believe in a static economic pie that is just so large, and if someone has a bigger piece, they cheated someone else to get it. They pit groups of Americans against each another, fueled by envy to fight for their limited piece of the pie(even those that produced nothing). The Republican's believe you grow the economic pie by incentivizing individuals in the country to create more wealth and jobs. By incentivizing hard work and innovation, individuals help create an ever increasing American economic pie, with each getting to keep most of the fruits of their labors. Decide which economic policies you prefer to live under, and vote accordingly.

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