Monday, May 16, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #2903 - Reaganomics: Fallacies Offered by the Left - Forbes (2) Dems Blame Business for Own Bad Policies (3) Demagoguery 101 - Washington Post

From watching and participating in debates over the years regarding Reaganomics, patterns of logical fallacies and factual errors repeatedly arise among critics on the Left. As the troublesome facts demonstrating the failures of Obamanomics accumulate, we find that almost religiously minded supporters of President Barack Obama can’t deal with those facts, and exhibit analogous logical fallacies.  But if we are ever to restore traditional American prosperity, we must get beyond those fallacies and errors.  Read more...... SP: Liberals prefer to feel, not think their way through a problem or debate. When presented with facts that do not agree with their view of the world, they tend to respond with name calling, a raised voice, or a blank gaze. When Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men, "You can't handle the truth", he was using a great line that applies to liberals. Here is a excellent FACTUAL comparison between Reagan's and Obama's econmoic policies.

Dems Blame Business for Own Bad Policies - - Economy: President Obama says he wants businesses to "step up" and hire more. If he's really sincere about wanting more jobs, he should stop demonizing and punishing American corporations for their success.  'Companies ... (are) making a lot of money," President Obama told a town hall meeting Thursday, "and now's the time for them to start betting on American workers and American products."  But the fact they're not "betting" more isn't their fault. It's Obama's — and his Democrat allies in Congress. Their tax-and-spend policies have pushed our nation to the brink of financial ruin, creating uncertainty and an unstable investment environment for companies.  Read more....... SP: How do you take a bad economy and turn it into The Great Recession, or worse? As President, you push anti-business, anti-rich class warfare, pro-union, and pro-big government policies, while practicing Chicago hardball politics against anyone in the Country who does not embrace your policies.

Demagoguery 101 - Washington Post - Barack Obama, speech on immigration, El Paso, May 10 - 
  Constructive and civil debate — like the one Obama initiated just four weeks ago on deficit reduction? The speech in which he accused the Republicans of abandoning families of autistic and Down syndrome kids? The debate in which Obama’s secretary of health and human services said that the Republican Medicare plan would make old folks “die sooner”?  In this same spirit of comity and mutual respect, Obama’s most recent invitation to civil discourse — on immigration — came just 11 minutes after he accused opponents of moving the goal posts on border enforcement. “Maybe they’ll need a moat,” he said sarcastically. “Maybe they want alligators in the moat.”  Nice touch. Looks like the Tucson truce — no demonization, no cross-hairs metaphors — is officially over. After all, the Republicans want to kill off the elderly, throw the disabled in the snow and watch alligators lunch on illegal immigrants.  Read more....... SP: Obama again used the compliant liberal media as a megaphone to disperse lies to the American people about immigration and ridicule his enemies........everyone who disagrees with him. The media is so concerned with helping prop up his presidency, they have forgotten how to be real reporters of the facts, instead of just mouth pieces for the Democratic Party. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. An honest media would distinguish between the two of them, and report accordingly to the public.

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