Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paul Ryan's Budget Plan - #2926 - VIDEO: GOP Rep: 'Scott Brown Should be Ashamed of Himself' for Opposing Ryan's Budget Plan - The Blaze

The conservative jeers will likely be heard from afar — “RINO! RINO! RINO!” — following Sen. Scott Brown’s bold statement that he will vote “no” on Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan. In an op-ed piece published early this morning on Politico, Brown made it clear that he sees serious issues with Ryan’s proposals. ...........Over at The Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin tackles Brown’s criticisms point-by-point. In frustration, she writes, “Has Brown even read Ryan’s plan?” Rubin says that Brown doesn‘t seem to understand Ryan’s proposal and that his counter solutions for amending Medicare mirror provisions that are already present in Ryan’s plan. In sum: Brown has nothing new to offer. Yesterday, Rep. Paul Ryan appeared on NBC‘s Meet the Press to address criticisms he’s received from Newt Gingrich, among other right-leaning politicians and commentators. Read more....  AW: What a lesson to be learned from Scott Brown.  I have never been so mad at myself for sending him money while he was campaigning, he was supposed to be the 'People's Senator,' what a joke.  I called to get my donation back last year when it became apparent how he really would be voting, but to no avail, I will certainly be more cautious the next time, thanks also to Newt, the damage you have done is unbelievable.

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