Saturday, May 14, 2011

Japan Earthquake - #2898 - Weeks Later, Japan Survivors Still Beg: 'Please Help Us!' Baptist Press (2) VIDEO - Tokyo Baptist Church

ISHINOMAKI, Japan (BP)--The handwritten note practically cries out: "Living here! Please help us!" The volunteers from Tokyo Baptist Church almost miss the dirty scrap of paper, attached to the battered door. It blends in with the rubble and debris left behind by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Major parts of the house are gone, washed away a month ago by the crushing tsunami waves. Not really believing anyone will answer, volunteer Satomi Ono calls out to see if anyone is there. A young mother cautiously pokes her head around the corner. When she sees the volunteers' warm smiles, relief rushes over her and she excitedly yells to her father. They are the only two left in their family. Her two children were swept out of her arms in the tsunami wave. Her mother and husband also died on that fateful day.  Read more........

"The need is great" - Tokyo Baptist Church from imb connecting on Vimeo.
After the March 11 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, the Japanese people have been trying to recover, rebuild and survive. Members of Tokyo Baptist Church and other believers have been helping in any way they can with food, water and spiritual nourishment.

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