Sunday, May 22, 2011

Israel - #2920 - In Israel 100 Years of Baptist Work is Celebrated - Baptist Press

Hiba* used to pore over the Quran, trying to sort out life's problems. Then she bumped into some Christians in her hometown a few years ago. She agonized for days about which was the real book, the Quran or the Bible. "And then God showed me," Hiba said. Thanks to local Baptists discipling her, she said she now knows it's Jesus who changed her life. This lasting legacy of Baptist work was honored May 12-14 at the 100th anniversary of Baptists in Israel, celebrated in Nazareth where the nation's first Baptist church was planted. Hiba was baptized in the Sea of Galilee to close the weekend celebration. Before the first believers were baptized through Baptist work in Nazareth a century ago, Baptists "had nothing in the Middle East," said Drew Carson*, a Christian leader in the region.In 1911, Shukri Mosa -- a Palestinian who came to follow Christ at First Baptist Church in Dallas -- brought his faith to Nazareth and led two people to faith and baptism. He faced persecution from the town around him, but eventually a church was planted in the 1920s. Read more.......

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