Friday, May 27, 2011

GOP House: #2938 - GOP Employs Little Used Rule to Block Recess Appointment, Elizabeth Warren, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - American Thinker (2) VIDEO: Rep. Accuses Elizabeth Warren of Lying During House Testimony - The Blaze

President Obama has used recess appointments in the past to get controversial nominees into the positions he chose for them. So the Republicans employed a little used legislative gambit to block the president's expected recess appointment of Elizabeth Warren to head up the new Consumer Finance Protection Board. The Hill: GOP opposition is preventing the Senate from completely adjourning for the Memorial Day recess. Instead, the chamber will come in for three pro-forma sessions over the next 10 days. The cursory sessions are a formality that will ensure President Obama does not make recess appointments, a prospect that was considered unlikely anyway because the recess is scheduled for only a week. Some Republicans feared that Obama would use the recess to appoint Elizabeth Warren to head the controversial Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which will have broad powers over Wall Street.  Read more...... AW: Finally we are using Democrat's frequently used legislative ways to block appointments of Obama's nightmare socialists. 

Rep. Accuses Elizabeth Warren of Lying During House Testimony - The Blaze - Elizabeth Warren, President Obama’s controversial choice to head the new consumer financial regulatory agency, skipped out of a House Oversight hearing before answering questions from two members of the committee, claiming that she had reached an agreement allowing her to leave at that time. But Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-NC, chair of the subcommittee holding the hearing, said no such agreement existed.  “You’re making this up, Ms. Warren,” McHenry fired back when Warren claimed she only agreed to come under the condition she could leave at 2:15 p.m.  Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-MD, came to Warren’s defense, saying, “You just accused the lady of lying.” Read more..........  AW: Sure wish Rep. McHenry would have scheduled her to return at another time to finish this, instead of submitting the questions to her office for an 'official' reply, nothing like observing someone answering, or in her case, 'not answering'  your questions.  

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