Sunday, May 1, 2011

Defense of Marriage Act - #2861 - Cuccinelli Drops King and Spalding - Bearing Drift (2) Coke and Dagger - Family Research Council

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has taken the initiative and ended all relations between his office and the law firm of King and Spalding. This comes on the heels of King and Spalding’s despicable move to drop their clients after they were subjected to intense pressure from the homosexual lobby, namely the Human Rights Campaign. In the letter written and addressed to the law firm, Cuccinelli explained why he had decided to end the law firm’s association with the Commonwealth: “King and  Spalding’s willingness to drop a client, the U.S. House of Representatives, in connection with the lawsuit challenging the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was such an obsequious act of weakness that I feel compelled to end your legal association with Virginia so that there is no chance that one of my legal clients will be put in the embarrassing and difficult situation like the client you walked away from, the House of Representatives,”.......It is easy to see why the homosexual lobby is fearful of Paul Clement. The former Solicitor General has already argued cases before the Supreme Court and is well known for his litigation skills. He will be a formidable advocate for the Defense of Marriage Act. Meanwhile, Ken Cuccinelli has once again sent a message that the rule of law is important to the Commonwealth. He is to be applauded for ending the Commonwealth’s association with such a poisonous law firm.  Read more......... AW:  I am so proud to live in a state that has such an incredible Attorney General such as Ken Cuccinelli.  From the very beginning he ran on moral principles and upholding the rule of law, as in protecting Virginians from the Health Care Law, and has continued to stand for these principles in representing the citizens of Virginia.  Thank you for standing strong in the protection of the Defense of Marriage Act.
Coke and Dagger - Family Research Council -   Attorney General Eric Holder wouldn't touch the federal marriage case with a ten-foot pole, but he's more than happy to praise the person who will. Yesterday, the head of the Justice Department applauded Paul Clement for having the guts to do what the Obama administration would not: defend American law. Holder, who--along with the White House--is the main reason that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) needs an attorney, agreed that the attacks on Clement and his new firm have gone too far. On Tuesday, the Attorney General told reporters that all of the criticism was "misplaced." "Paul Clement is a great lawyer and has done a lot of really great things for this nation. In taking on the representation--representing Congress in connection with DOMA--I think he is doing that which lawyers do when we're at our best........."Rumors are flying that one of those companies was Coca Cola. People closest to the story are suggesting that the soda king did most of the arm-twisting. "Sources... confirm that one of King and Spalding's top clients, Coca Cola, also based in Atlanta, directly intervened to press the firm to extricate itself from the case." A spokesman for the company refused to comment. But if the allegations are true, I guarantee that FRC won't hesitate to!  Read more.......

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