Friday, May 13, 2011

Barack Obama's Energy Policies - #2895 - VIDEO: National Republican Study Committee Says Obama's Energy Policy is..... Hot Air

National Republican Senate Committee Says Obama's Energy Policy is 'HOT AIR' - ALTERNATIVE ENERGY PLAN.'The NRSC goes on the offensive today against Barack Obama’s energy policy in a snappy new one-minute video that might eventually see some play in key states — like, say, Missouri. Claire McCaskill makes an appearance in the ad, which mainly focuses on Obama’s pledge to “necessarily skyrocket” the cost of electricity and to push the cost of gasoline to the same levels as Europe. They label the Obama plan — well, see for yourself: Hey, I think we resent that! Everyone knows that the Hot Air energy plan is Drill Here, Drill Now, and Humpbot Power for all. Otherwise, this is an excellent presentation of how Obama’s policies have impacted consumers — and how they will continue to hike prices and fuel inflation in the long run. Other Democratic incumbents shouldn’t assume they’re off the hook, either. McCaskill’s spot here can easily be swapped with others in the upper chamber. Read more.......

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