Sunday, May 15, 2011

Abortion - #2901 - Schools Arrange Secret Abortions - Sunday Star Times (2) Parental Rights and Civil Wrongs: School-Based Clinics and Abortions - Heritage Foundation (3) Americans United for Life - State by State Abortion Laws

Schools are helping teenage girls keep abortions secret from their parents. Imogen Neale reports. A MOTHER is angry her 16-year-old daughter had a secret abortion arranged by a school counsellor. Helen, not her real name, found out about the termination four days after it had happened. "I was horrified. Horrified that she'd had to go through that on her own, and horrified her friends and counsellors had felt that she shouldn't talk to us," she said. She had suspected something was wrong, but her daughter insisted her tears were over everyday teenage dramas. But Helen confronted her daughter's friends, who said the counsellor had taken the girl for a scan and to doctors. "I didn't know that they could do that."Helen said teachers could discuss how a student was doing in school or phone parents when their child misbehaved, but would then keep life-changing situations such as abortions secret.   Read more........  AW: This is a battle we have been fighting in Virginia since the 80's, I guess until you have a teenage daughter or daughters, you just don't realize the power the schools have over life and death decisions of your children.  Although this story originates in New Zealand, it happens in the U.S. every day. Do you know what the law is in your state?

Parental Rights and Civil Wrongs: School -Based Clinics and Abortions - Heritage Foundation - A Seattle area mother is distraught because a school-based clinic at her daughter’s high school arranged for the girl to have an abortion, even providing a taxicab to the clinic, without notice to her parents. A spokesman for the King County Health Department summarized the situation simply when he commented, “At any age in the state of Washington, an individual can consent to a termination of pregnancy.”  Washington is one of a handful of states that do not have a parental notice or consent law, according to Americans United for Life. In fact, the group’s rankings of the 50 states on the extent to which they provide for such policies as informed consent, parental notice, and conscience protection ranks Washington at a very low 42nd nationally. In states where parental notice/consent laws exist, they typically also require judicial bypasses for minors who can demonstrate, independent of their parents, that they are “mature” or that the abortion would be in their “best interest.”  Read more.......

Americans United for Life -  Click here for Abortion Laws by State ..........

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