Friday, April 8, 2011

Virginia Senate Race 2012 - #2796 - Tim Kaine Comes Screaming Out of the Gates for Senate - 13 Points Behind George Allen - Bearing Drift

Apparently Virginians remember Kaine’s opposition to energy independence, inability to balance the state budget without proposing raising taxes to their highest in Virginia history, inability to pass any sort of constitutional transportation bill, and closure of a good chunk of our rest areas – a symbol of his gross negligence as governor. Of course, this poll conducted by Roanoke College assumes George Allen is the GOP nominee and he has a comfortable 45-32 lead over the former part-time governor and full-time Obama cheerleader. Oh, and Bob McDonnell’s favorables are up to 66% from 57% from just a few months ago. Why is this man not in the discussion for president?

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