Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #2829 - A Declining Constituency Union Voters and the Democratic Party - Sabato's Crystal Ball (2) Voters Are Listening - Human Events

Recent events in Wisconsin and a number of other states have focused attention on the role played by labor unions in contemporary American politics. As Scott Walker and other conservative Republican governors have sought to reduce the power of public employee unions in their states by weakening collective bargaining rights, the unions and their supporters have fought back with demonstrations and efforts to recall Republican elected officials who have supported these policies.   Read more....... SP: The union label is now delivering a much smaller share of the voters for the Democrats, then in previous elections, but still huge amounts of money. Now it is time to cut off at least 50% of the dues money the unions forcibly collect from unwilling workers, and then deliver to the Democrats in the form of political contributions. The unions have been handsomely rewarded with billions of dollars in the form of cash, stock, favorable legislation, and valuable administrative rule changes for their $300,000,000 plus contribution to President Obama's 2008 election. This does not include direct manpower(boots on the ground), or contributions the unions made to other Democrat politicians. If you do not believe me here are a couple quotes from those involved. "We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama" – Andy Stern, President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  "I owe these unions." – Barack Obama  “We're going to make sure that in every policy, every decision, we don't lose sight of the folks that brought us to the dance," Biden (about Unions)

Voters Are Listening - Human Events - The Washington Post teamed with ABC News to poll President Obama’s approval ratings, and came up with a dismal 47% approve and 50% disapprove. Strong disapproval is up to 37%, which the Post reports “nearly matches the worst level of his presidency.” The President’s disapproval rating among independents has reached 55%, which the Post describes as “near record highs.” A Gallup poll released last Friday had Obama down to 41%.  Despite these awful numbers, the poll still finds Obama running ahead of all the marqee GOP candidates, by double digits. It would seem that “less than half of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say they are satisfied with the field of GOP candidates.”  Read more....... SP: Watch what Obama actually does, not what he says in public, where he uses the lap dog media to spread half-truths for his reelection. In public he tells the independent voters the code words they want to hear, but after the microphones/cameras are turned off, he pushes the marxist policies his Democratic base yearns for. The numbers show voters are trusting their eyes, far more than their ears when it comes to sizing up whether they want four more years of President Obama's Hope and Change.

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