Monday, April 25, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #2844 - Obama's Regulatory Tsunami More Destructive than Taxes - Townhall (2) Behind the Obama Labor Board's Bashing of Boeing is a Case Full of Irony and Union Failure (3) Allen West: Tired of Obama's 'Marxist, Rhetoric' - Newsmax (4) Labor Unions Paid to Hide Indiana Lawmakers - Newsmax

As Obama travels about the country, speaking of the need for “shared sacrifice” and the need to increase taxes, he doesn’t say a word about the tsunami of new Obama regulations ranging from light bulbs to ozone pollution to painkillers to foreign travel to vending machines that is about to hit America. Their impact will be huge and do serious damage to our economy. Obama's regulatory tsunami began during his first month in office and has continued relentlessly since. Each week, new, more intrusive rules are rolled out, some through Executive Order, but many issued from federal agencies, often without any fanfare or publicity. In every month since his inauguration, President Obama has heaped regulations on unsuspecting Americans, non-profit organizations, large and small businesses. Read more to see month by month the implementation of these regulations.......  SP:  Obama and the liberal Democrats want to control almost every aspect of your life. Their rationalize their behavior by thinking they know better than you, how you should live your life. If creating jobs is Obama's number one priority, then why is he strangling our semi-free market economy with hugh amounts of regulation?

Behind the Obama Labor Board's Bashing of Boeing is a Case Full of Irony and Union Failure - Redstate - On Wednesday, when President Obama’s union-controlled National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint against the Boeing Company for making a sound business decision to “dual source” its 787 production, it was another blatant example of a government agency run amok. However, while most of the nuts and bolts behind the dispute were detailed here, there are several other, more intricate details behind the NLRB’s legally tenuous prosecution of Boeing that are deserving of closer examination—most notably, the union’s own culpability behind the decision. Even before the decision was made by Boeing to locate the second assembly line in South Carolina, Boeing’s union (the International Association of Machinists) had a problem in South Carolina. Namely, workers at the facility had voted the Machinists’ union out shortly after Boeing bought the facility in 2009 from Vought Aircraft because of workers believed the union poorly represented them.  Read more........

Allen West: Tired of Obama's 'Marxist, Rhetoric' - Newsmax - Florida GOP Rep. Allen West says he stands by his statement that President Barack Obama exhibited “Third World dictator-like arrogance” in his speech last week on the budget and America’s skyrocketing debt, and he is sick and tired of the president’s “Marxist demagogic rhetoric.” “I do stand by those words — and perhaps one of the things that many people need to understand is that the truth needs to be said,” West Thursday said on Fox News, referring to a comment he made Tuesday on Laura Ingraham’s radio show. “When I go around and I talk to people down here in my district, and we get phone calls, that speech that was given last week Wednesday was absolutely beneath the statesmanship, or the atmosphere, or the aura of the personality that the president should show.  Read more........ SP: Thank You very much for your stark honesty Representative West. The GOP leadership needs to take on Obama, and be direct on what his is. The time is long over, and the country can ill afford to let him continue to foment class warfare and continually lie to the American people without offering a strong rebuttal. Every conservative needs to stand up and speak the truth about this president, if you do not want America to turn into a third world country.

Labor Unions Paid to Hide Indiana Lawmakers - Newsmax - National labor unions picked up the tab to hide Democratic lawmakers when they fled Indiana rather than vote on legislation to curb the power of public sector workers, the state political website Capitol and Washington reports. Finance papers filed by the state’s Democratic party show nearly $140,000 flowed into their coffers as the politicians holed up in hotels in neighboring Illinois.  The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union and the public workers’ union AFSCME both gave $50,000, with other unions contributing smaller amounts, the papers show.  Read more.......  SP:  Let's see...unions are feeding at the public tax trough which is bankrupting the State. Democrats prevent a quorum to pass legislation to stop the feeding by fleeing the State. Those who benefit financially by not allowing the vote to take place, the unions picked up the tab to keep them out of the state. Unless we stop Obama and the Democrats from paying back their largest political contributor, the unions with billions of taxpayers money and favorable legislation, we will go bankrupt. We hope both voters in the State of Indiana, and the rest of the Country do not forget this egregious lack of morality in the upcoming election.

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