Friday, April 15, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #2815 - The Presidential Divider - Wall Street Journal (2) Another Constitutional Grab in the Works - Townhall (3) House Defunds Obamacare and Planned Parenthood - Senate Kills Both - Human Events

Obama's toxic speech and even worse plan for deficits and debt - Did someone move the 2012 election to June 1? We ask because President Obama's extraordinary response to Paul Ryan's budget yesterday—with its blistering partisanship and multiple distortions—was the kind Presidents usually outsource to some junior lieutenant. ...Mr. Obama then packaged his poison in the rhetoric of bipartisanship—which "starts," he said, "by being honest about what's causing our deficit." The speech he chose to deliver was dishonest even by modern political standards.  Read more........ SP: How do you have a serious debate with President Obama and the Democrats, when he demagogues Republicans, incites class warfare, and fabricates lies on national TV to the American people? You cannot have an honest national debate, until the American people reach a general consensus on who is telling them the truth, and attempting to solve the massive deficit spending problems facing our country. Obama and the Democrats want to continue to spend like drunken sailors, change nothing of any consequence, and have you believe to achieve their socialistic goals they can continue to pick the pockets of others, as if they are bottomless. Republicans ask us to recognize that we cannot continue down this path of fiscal irresponsibility without having the programs collapse, and give us a reasonable long term alternative plan to correct the deficit spending. America! We have run out of money, the time has come for us to each take a stand on which plan gives us the best chance of avoiding financial ruin.

Another Constitutional Grab in the Works? - Townhall -  President Barack Obama, the confiscator-in-chief of your constitutional rights is at it again. As we’ve come to expect, when President Obama tramples on the Constitution it’s usually under the guise of some noble cause. The Obama administration is working with Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) to pass S. 679, the “Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act,” which would sharply curtail the number of presidential appointees that must be confirmed by the Senate. Of course, Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution provides for the advice and consent of the Senate with respect to presidential appointments. This new bill would sharply curtail that provision, allowing the President to make high-level appointments to federal agencies without the consent of the governed.  Some Republican leaders in the Senate, perhaps eager for a lighter workload, have taken the bait and co-sponsored S.679. They include Lamar Alexander (TN), Scott Brown (MA), Susan Collins (ME), Jon Kyl (AZ), Dick Lugar (IN), and Mitch McConnell (KY). Unfortunately, they can’t see the forest for the trees. If they could, they’d understand that this nefarious bill would enable President Obama to fill high-level positions with more anti-gunners, so that Cass Sunstein, Eric Holder, and Janet Napolitano won’t feel so alone.  Read more....... SP: Here they go again, attempting to rewrite the rules of the game to get what they want. Any means is justified to achieve their end goal of turning us into a socialist nanny state. It's impossible to be a liberal without being a solid hypocrite. The Senate Democrats, including Senator Schumer where quite happy with the system when they where holding up President Bush's nominees. If you want to reduce the back up of unconfirmed appointees that has been building, then ask the President to start sending individuals that better represent main street America, instead of Russia's Moscow Boulevard.

House Defunds Obamacare and Planned Parenthood, Senate Kills Both - Human Events The Republican House passed defunding Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare on Thursday, which were stand-alone votes attached to the Continuing Resolution (CR). The Democrat Senate then killed both bills.  The final Continuing Resolution (CR), which funds the government through Sept. 30, was sent to President Obama to sign without the two conservative provisions. Obama threatened to veto the CR—thereby shutting down the government—if the final legislation included defunding his health care law.  Read more.........

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