Saturday, April 9, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #2797 - Would You Buy a Car From This Man? Wall Street Journal (2) Editorial: Obama's Do-Nothing Oil Policy Hurts - (3) Landslide - Wall Street Journal (4) Turnabout in Wisconsin - American Spectator

"The biggest problem for me is being in the bubble," President Obama told Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday. "Over time, you know, what happens is you feel like--that you're not able to just have a spontaneous conversation with folks." The greater peril of the presidential bubble may be what happens when you do have a spontaneous conversation with folks. If you're not careful, you end up saying things that show how out of touch you are with folks. At a town-hall meeting yesterday in Fairless Hills, Pa., a man in the audience asked Obama about gasoline prices, which are currently in the range of $4 a gallon. According to the Associated Press, Obama responded "laughingly" and "needled" the questioner. The president's sarcasm comes through in the White House transcript:  Read more.........   SP: Wonder what an accurate poll number of likely voters would be for the following questions? Please disregard if you like, or dislike Obama on a personal level. Do you you think Obama is being factually accurate when he speaks to the American people, or do you discount what he is saying? Do you think Obama is out of touch, and disregarding what the voters were trying to tell him and fellow Democrats in the 2009 and 2010 elections? Do you think Obama's policies and leadership have been good for America, or is it time for a change, which better represents your values?
Editorial: Obama's Do-Nothing Oil Policy Hurts - -  Leadership: Making jokes about remembering what it was like to pump gas or speaking at a foreign-owned wind turbine plant does not ease the pain at the pump that has been orchestrated by the White House.  President Obama found time on the eve of a possible government shutdown to dine with the Rev. Al Sharpton, address his National Action Network Annual Gala and make quips about an energy crisis America finds increasingly unfunny.  Read more........  SP:He is joking about hard times that he created, and wanted to happen. His administration is on the record wanting gas prices well above $4, so their alternative green energy plan would be competitive with oil. Be careful who you elect President, and do not be surprised when their long term goals for the economy come true.

Landslide - Wall Street Journal -  "The candidate on the losing end of Wisconsin's hotly contested state Supreme Court race has started raising money for a recount," the Associated Press reports in a dispatch this morning that could have been written any time in the past 2½ days. The AP buries the lead in a shallow grave, the second paragraph:  JoAnne Kloppenburg's campaign manager, Melissa Mulliken, said Friday that fundraising efforts for a recount have begun, but she stopped short of saying the candidate would request one.  Huh? Didn't Kloppenburg declare victory Wednesday, sitting atop a lead of more than 200 votes (out of some 1.5 million)? Didn't's Steve Hughes confirm this in an email yesterday? Yes, he did:  Read more........
Turnabout in Wisconsin - American Spectator - Wow! That's really all I can say as I read the news that a County Clerk in Wisconsin failed to save on her computer, and thus failed to report, 14,315 votes cast in the heavily Republican city of Brookfield.  Those new votes, combined with "typing errors" in two other parts of the County appear to add a net 7,582 to Prosser over Kloppenburg, giving the incumbent non-leftist justice a lead of about 7,378 votes before other vote total adjustments from around the state.  With a total of votes cast at about 1.494 million, the current margin of Prosser's lead is now less than 100 votes short of what would be needed to force Kloppenburg to have to pay for a recount, an effort that would cost at least a million dollars and would be, in my view, as good a use of union dues money as anything; after all, it would keep them from being able to spend that money in another election.  Read more........... SP:At some point, the union membership is going to get fed up with the union bosses spending spree. Money helps in political races, but when you run contrary to the wishes of a majority of the voters, you are bound to lose most of the time. In Wisconsin the unions tried to buy themselves a vote on the Supreme Court, and as of now it looks like the voters told them, no thank you.

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