Thursday, April 7, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #2794 - Two George Soros Events Aim to Remake the Financial Order and the Media - So Where's the Reporting? - Fox (2) Recount Gives Prosser a Lead in Wisconsin - Redstate (3) Charles Hurt: Reporters Continue to be Snookered by Obama - Washington Times

.....Soros, who sees himself as “some kind of god,”needs just a long weekend to start remaking today's world in his image.  The emphasis of both conferences is a familiar one to American voters – change. Soros wants to begin changing the global economy in one event. In the other, his flunkies want to “Change the world. Change the media.”  Now that is change you can believe in. Sadly, those who actually report the news must believe in it because they sure as heck aren’t reporting on Soros or either event.   Read more........ SP: All you need to know about these events is that the American voter rejected Ex-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders-the first self-described socialist Senator, and an AL Jazeera executive are headliners. America wake up, the Democratic Party and their fellow travelers are attempting to completely restructure our country into a nation based on marxist principals. Their complete disregard of the voters wishes expressed in the last two elections, show that they hold you in contempt, along with your guns and bibles.

Recount Gives Prosser a Lead in Wisconsin - Redstate - I’m sure most of you remember that, according to the official results of the initial count, JoAnne Kloppenburg led the incumbent David Prosser 740,090 to 739,886, or by 204 votes. Obviously with results this close, a recount was in order. Fortunately, things seem to be looking up for Prosser as the re-canvassing has brought more votes in for him. The good news by no means ends there, though. The bombshell development that could seal this for Prosser came in the form of 7000+ votes for him that weren’t counted in Waukesha County (a Prosser stronghold) thanks to a computer error. National Review has more info:  After Tuesday night’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election, a computer error in heavily Republican Waukesha County failed to send election results for the entire City of Brookfield to the Associated Press. The error, revealed today, would give incumbent Supreme Court Justice David Prosser a net 7,381 votes against his challenger, attorney Joanne Kloppenburg.  Read more........

Charles Hurt: Reporters Continue to be Snookered by Obama -  Washington Times - Even among the nuzzling press here in Washington, the shine of President Obama has worn off.  Hope and Change has crashed upon the craggy shores of reality.  Gitmo is still open and open for trials - a perfect double backflip rare even by Washington standards.  And then there were Mr. Obama's worldly-wise assurances that peace would reign and everybody would love us if only we had a sophisticated, multilingual president who had lived abroad, on other continents, with roots in the Muslim world.   So, it stands to reason, the press will not be snookered again. Or, at least it won't be out there shamelessly trying to snooker voters this time around.  Think again. Your trusted mainstream media is every bit as much in the bag for the Obama campaign this time as it was last time. 
Read more..........   SP: Not all of the media looks the other way, ignoring the improprieties of this administration and acting like the three monkeys, ...."see no wrong, hear no lies, speak no truth"

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