Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #2790 - President Obama's New "Best Friend," Al Sharpton: Murderer, and Professional Bigot - Redstate (2) GOP Fears Vote Grab as Dems Surge Ahead in Wisconsin - Newsmax (3) Tim Kaine Announces He'll Run for Senate - Politico

We have people who play cards for a living, we have people who scalp tickets for a living, and we have people are professional bigots. Al Sharpton is a professional bigot. The “Wrong-Reverend” has made a career of using bigotry to promote Al Sharpton. A real minister would build bridges across ethnic divides, Sharpton burns them. But to be fair, Sharpton is a master at it. Why does Sharpton do this ? Because by fanning the flames of hatred it helps him market his number one product. That would be Al Sharpton, judge, jury executioner, and professional bigot. Read more.....  SP: "You are known by the company you keep." The quote comes from an Aesop Fable about, kidding, a lazy Donkey. Obama is carefully, quietly, and behind the scenes, using individuals like Al Sharpton to energize blacks for the upcoming election. As the Democrat setup government shutdown looms, while calling for meeting to avoid one, Obama is leaving town today and heading to New York City to mark the 20th anniversary of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. Google the following names; Cass Sunstein, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and Van Jones to see what a couple of Obama's other, behind the scene close friends and political allies are saying. How many avowed socialists, dedicated marxist, and religious social justice ministers does one need to see around Obama before one finally admits, he agrees with all their goals and values?
Moral - You Are Known by the Company You Keep -   Aesop's Moral:
A man is known by the company he keeps.
Another way of saying it:
You are known by the company you keep.
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GOP Fears Vote Grab as Dems Surge Ahead in Wisconsin - Newsmax - Republicans are voicing fears that a Minnesota-style vote grab could be underway in Wisconsin following reports that the union-backed Democratic challenger to incumbent conservative Wisconsin Justice David Prosser has surged ahead in next-day vote counting.  Early morning vote tallies showed Prosser clinging to a razor-thin lead of 598 votes with 99 percent of the votes counted. But the counting of additional votes on Wednesday morning propelled challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg into the lead by 235 votes.  The high level of concern over possible vote fraud was reflected in a request made by Milwaukee Election Commissioner Robert Spindell, who is active in GOP politics, that police be dispatched to guard ballots and voting machines overnight. The extent to which ballots were guarded statewide remains unclear.  Read more......

Tim Kaine Announces He'll Run for Senate - Politico -  Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine is running for a Virginia Senate seat, he announced Tuesday in a video.  “I’m running for the United States Senate because America has big challenges and I’m convinced that Virginia has answers to help strengthen our nation,” the former Virginia governor says in the video. ... Coming just a day after President Barack Obama launched his reelection bid, Kaine’s campaign is tied closely to the president. While on a fundraising swing through New York City last week, Obama offered a public boost for Kaine, saying he could not “imagine someone who has been a better partner to me, a better friend, than our very own DNC Chair Tim Kaine.”   Read more, link to video ........ SP: Listen carefully to Tim Kane's announcement for what you DO NOT hear him talk about. Out of the box, he wants to be accepted as a centrist Virginian, saying nothing about his very close ties to Obama, nor his partisan job as DNC Chairman. Obama on Tim Kane, he could not “imagine someone who has been a better partner to me, a better friend, than our very own DNC Chair Tim Kaine.” Tim Kane's centrist quotes on Republicans' calls to start from scratch on health reform legislation "is like Dr. Kevorkian giving you healthcare advice," Tim Kane's thoughts on ObamaCare, "Well,....., I think health care reform is going to go down in history as one of the great achievements of this president.....So it was important, both for the future of the economy, the health care and dealing with the deficit to bring health care costs down."

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