Sunday, April 10, 2011

Japan Earthquake - #2802 - Elderly Farmer Found Stranded in Empty Japanese Town.....Alone Since Tsunami - The Blaze (2) VIDEO: Fateful Choice on a Day of Disaster - Wall Street Journal

The farmhouse sits at the end of a mud-caked, one-lane road strewn with toppled trees, the decaying carcasses of dead pigs and large debris deposited by the March 11 tsunami. Stranded alone inside the unheated, dark home is 75-year-old Kunio Shiga. He cannot walk very far and doesn’t know what happened to his wife. His neighbors have all left because the area is 12 miles (20 kilometers) from the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant — just within the zone where authorities have told everyone to get out because of concerns about leaking radiation. No rescuer ever came for him. When a reporter and two photographers from The Associated Press arrived at Shiga’s doorstep Friday, the scared and disoriented farmer said: “You are the first people I have spoken to” since the earthquake and tsunami.  Read more.......... A very sad story, and I am sure there are many more no one knows about.  

Fateful Choice on a Day of Disaster - Wall Street Journal - Minutes before a violent earthquake convulsed City Hall, Futoshi Toba was enjoying a quiet Friday afternoon after a month of nearly nonstop work since becoming mayor of this small coastal city. He called his wife, Kumi, at 2:40 p.m., March 11, to suggest they take their two young sons to a barbecue place for dinner. She promised that she'd email him soon to let him know.  The conversation wasn't much, but fate doesn't always allow for eloquence.  At 2:46, tremors from the magnitude-9 earthquake about 60 miles offshore jolted Rikuzentakata, knocking out electricity and phones. Soon afterwards, a wall of black water more than 40 feet high smashed through the 20-foot high seawall and poured into the heart of the city.  Read more........  Incredible video and story, details the daunting task of  Mayor Toba trying to rebuild his town destroyed by the tsunami - Wall Street Journal.

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