Saturday, April 9, 2011

GOP Budget Fight - Shutdown Averted - #2798 - Who Won the Budget Fight? Hot Air

As everyone knows by now, the Great Government Shutdown of 2011 has been called off … or at least postponed. Republicans finished what the Democrats wouldn’t by clinching a budget deal late last night, finishing up the FY2011 budget with a total reduction in spending of $49 billion:......We’ll see who won in September, but Republicans have achieved one major accomplishment. Not only did they force the first actual reductions in government spending in ages, but they have changed the political paradigm from whether to cut to how much and where to cut. That’s a pretty impressive victory for a party that only controls one chamber of Congress.      Update: One last point along these lines. Democrats have spent the last four months arguing that Republicans were too radical to govern and wanted to destroy government. Instead, Republicans fashioned a deal on their own terms and passed a budget deal — something Democrats couldn’t or wouldn’t do when they had all the power in DC. This gives the GOP a lot of credibility on leadership and governance, and all of it at the expense of Harry Reid and Barack Obama.  Read entire article.........

Statement by Robert Hurt on Short Term Resolution - Congressman Robert Hurt (R-VA) released the following statement on the short-term resolution adopted tonight:  “Tonight’s short-term resolution continues funding for our troops and continues our commitment to cutting spending. I look forward to the work ahead as we seek to get our fiscal house in order to reduce the debt, grow the economy, and create jobs for all Central and Southside Virginians.”

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