Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Glenn Beck - #2827 - VIDEO: Glenn Beck - The Rising Cost of Everything, 4/18/11 - Fox (2) VIDEO: What Next for Glenn? (3) Glenn is a Thief! or Something....... -

Glenn Beck - The Rising Cost of Everything - Fox - 4/18/11 - Tonight: Three years ago, Glenn began to warn of the unsustainable path that the government was taking us down under President GW Bush. Economic experts and the media all laughed that off. Well...today history was made as the S&P just lowered the U.S. output to 'negative'. What does that mean? Find out tonight. Plus, the incredible rising cost of food...which Glenn also predicted, is also upon us. The cost of dairy products have skyrocketed 15% in just the last 30 days. Corn has more than doubled in just the last six months. Things are getting bad. Plus, more on our old pal Van Jones. Don't miss it.

What's Next for Glenn Beck.  In his latest stage show, an audience member asked Glenn to give everyone a hint at what he would be doing once his FOX News show came to an end. Not being one to keep secrets, Glenn shed some light on his plans and as well as his motivations.  Glenn said that while he will be getting out of cable news, he would continue to spread information through a variety of media. He referenced The Blaze, which he said would continue to grow, as well as plans to put idle brains to work. He said that he would be developing, for lack of a better term, a “think tank for changing the change”. Glenn said that he would be calling for the untapped millions of minds who are either unemployed or retired. Former CEOs, Military, PhDs, and regular Americans that can help Glenn research as well as brainstorm positive ways to organize and make a difference. He did emphasize, however, that he was not interested in building a competitor for FOX News.  Read more.........  Please watch, this is the most detailed explanation he has given yet, as to what course of action he will take next.  You will love it.

Glenn Beck is a Thief! or Something..... - A small amount of controversy surrounded Glenn this morning when a conservative website posted an “exclusive” story accusing Glenn of not properly attributing sources for stories he reported on TV. Glenn responded to the article on radio this morning, pointed out some glaring inaccuracies and falsehoods, and interviewed one of the “victims”, Glenn’s friend (and Blaze writer) Mike Opelka.  One of the articles main accusations is that Glenn stole the slogan “The Truth Has No Agenda” from Blaze write Mike Opelka. This isn’t exactly true. In order to prove his innocence, Glenn brought Opelka on to clear up the situation.  “A lot of people don’t know this, but I was the best man at your wedding,” Glenn said.  Opelka joked that saying Glenn stole from him would be like saying someone stole a car from a dealership after giving them the full money for it. It just didn’t happen.  Read more........

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