Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter - #2836 - Oliver North: Easter in the East - Townhall

Easter morning sunrise services are part of a long tradition in Christianity. For millenniums, believers around the globe have gathered in the open at dawn on Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and profess their faith. This year, there will be far fewer such assemblies in the Middle East and southwest Asia. For this we can thank what President Barack Obama calls the "Arab spring." One of the rarely reported consequences of the "democracy movement" sweeping across the southern Mediterranean coast to the tip of the Arabian Peninsula and up the Persian Gulf has been an increasing threat to indigenous Christian communities -- some of which date back nearly 2,000 years. This Holy Week, the Obama administration was quick to profess "outrage" at the Gadhafi regime for killing and wounding journalists in Misrata, Libya. Yet neither the White House nor our NATO allies have condemned a spike in violence against Christians throughout the region.  Read more..........

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