Friday, April 8, 2011

Barack Obama and Fuel Prices - #2795 - VIDEO: Time to Trade In Obama 2012 - Rush Limbaugh (2) Using Crops for Fuel Raises Food Prices and Hunger Fears - NY Times

RUSH: Moving on to Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, yesterday at the Gamesa Technology Corporation Obama spoke. During the Q and A an unidentified guy said, "You're talking about the rise of gas prices..." Oh, before that, let me grab this AP story. This is outrageous and hilarious at the same time: "Shoppers shrugged off higher gas prices and cool temperatures to give retailers a surprisingly strong March." Did you know that? Did you know that you just "shrugged off" high gas prices? Did you pull in the pump, see gas prices and say, "Eh, no big deal. I gotta go to the mall?" Would you ever?..........Gas prices are nearing the $4-a-gallon tipping point nationwide. They're already at $4 in certain states. Would you ever see a story like this with a Republican president: "Shoppers shrugged off higher gas prices"? Well, the fact is, shoppers and voters are not shrugging off higher gas prices. This guy at Obama's town hall yesterday in Pennsylvania said to him, "You were talking about the rise of gas prices. ....You better go get a trade in." This is a total disconnect. It's as disconnected as it gets. So may I have the attention of all Americans? All of you who make a living using your trucks, pickup trucks, vans, four-wheel-drive vehicles? All of you painters, you construction workers, delivery men, cabdrivers, even soccer moms?  Those of you who depend on large vehicles for your business or for the safety of your family, your president has just told you to trade it in for some electric job that his company happens to make. Trade in your vehicles. Go out and buy a subcompact. See, that's how this works for you. Problem solved, according to Barack Obama.
He's not gonna try to lower prices, he's not gonna try to lower taxes, he is not gonna lower the corporate tax rate, he's not gonna take any action that will make the cost of living less because he doesn't want to. What we need to do is trade in Obama! We bought the wrong president. You have to go trade in your car. He didn't get an Obama-approved vehicle. Oh, let's not forget about students and those making at or near the minimum wage.
RUSH: By the way, the AP has scrubbed Obama's eight mile per gallon remark from their story, the comment that he made. The original article read, "The president chided one questioner, saying: 'If you're complaining about the price of gas and you're only getting 8 miles a gallon, you know, you might want to think about a trade-in.'" Let's grab that sound bite. This is what Obama said, the original AP story reported this.  Read entire transcript and comments from 2 callers, this is classic Rush.......

Using Crops for Fuel Raises Food Prices and Hunger Fears - NY Times - The starchy cassava root has long been an important ingredient in everything from tapioca pudding and ice cream to paper and animal feed. But last year, 98 percent of cassava chips exported from Thailand, the world’s largest cassava exporter, went to just one place and almost all for one purpose: to China to make biofuel. Driven by new demand, Thai exports of cassava chips have increased nearly fourfold since 2008, and the price of cassava has roughly doubled.  Each year, an ever larger portion of the world’s crops — cassava and corn, sugar and palm oil — is being diverted for biofuels as developed countries pass laws mandating greater use of nonfossil fuels and as emerging powerhouses like China seek new sources of energy to keep their cars and industries running. Cassava is a relatively new entrant in the biofuel stream.   Read more.........

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