Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wisconsin Union Protests - #2753 - Collective Bargaining Law Officially Publishes Despite Judge's Temporary Restraining Order - Hot Air (2) Gov. Walker's Legislation Has Unions Caving Already - Townhall (3) Florida House Approves Bill Banning Automatic Deduction for Union Dues - Orlando Sentinel

This has nothing to do with Walker or the GOP, it seems, although it’ll surely be demagogued that way by Democrats looking to keep the fires of outrageous outrage burning in their newly motivated base. The Narrative for the past month has been “Rogue Republicans!”, and ignoring a judge’s order certainly sounds roguish — except, of course, when the order involves ObamaCare and the guy doing the ignoring is Barack Obama. Needless to say, that’s different. The legislation was published Friday with a footnote that acknowledges the restraining order, but says state law “requires the Legislative Reference Bureau to publish every act within 10 working days after its date of enactment.” The restraining order was issued against Democratic Secretary of State Doug La Follette, but the bill was published by the reference bureau. The reference bureau was not included in the temporary restraining order.… “Today the administration was notified that the LRB published the budget-repair bill as required by law,” said a statement from Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch. “The administration will carry out the law as required.”  Read more.......
Gov. Walker's Legislation has Unions Caving Already - Apparently Gov. Scott Walker knew exactly what he was doing.  Before he signed the bill limiting collective bargaining privileges, teachers unions throughout the state were slow to respond to calls for salary and benefit concessions.  They believed their members should be held harmless during a period of necessary cost-cutting. They didn't seem to care that Wisconsin schools were operating with multi-million dollar deficits that were forcing the layoffs of younger teachers and the cancellation of student programs. Their only answer was to raise taxes at a time when few people could afford it. They didn’t want to sacrifice anything, despite the fact that schools spend about 80 percent of their budgets on labor costs.  But now, with Walker's legislation set to become law once it clears legal hurdles, the unions are suddenly coming to their senses. They are jumping at the chance to extend their collective bargaining agreements, in exchange for meaningful concessions that will help schools survive the financial crisis.  In Madison, the teachers union has suddenly agreed to a wage freeze and increases in health insurance and pension contributions. The concessions will save the district an estimated $15 million next year, which would almost make up for the expected cuts in state aid.  Read more.......
Florida House Approves Bill Banning Automatic Deductions for Union Dues - Orlando Sentinel -The Florida House delivered a major blow to public employee unions Friday, approving a bill that would ban automatic dues deduction from a government paycheck and require members to sign off on the use of their dues for political purposes.  Democrats and Republicans fought over the legislation for just under two hours. Democrats and labor unions have accused conservatives of "union-busting" and said the bill was more about political payback than public policy. Unions have typically been big backers of Democratic candidates.  Rep. Chris Dorworth, R-Lake Mary, the House sponsor of the legislation, said this was simply the state's movement to get out of the dues deduction business and let the unions take care of it.  "It's a bill that empowers membership of labor unions," Dorworth said.  The measure, HB 1021, passed by a 73-40 vote, with three Republican lawmakers siding with the Democrats.

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