Thursday, March 10, 2011

Steve Peters Daily Commentary - #2707 - (1) VIDEO: Inhofe: Obama Trying to Kill Oil and Gas, Force Green - Newsmax (2) Obamacare's Numbers Game - (3) Obama's Biggest Weakness - He's More of the Same - A Carter Redo - Groundhog Day - Townhall

Steve Peters Daily Commentary - Sen. Inhofe: Obama Trying to Kill Oil and Gas, Force Green - Sen. Jim Inhofe tells Newsmax that the Obama administration is “trying to kill oil and gas” by refusing to allow the United States to exploit its abundant natural resources in an effort to drive the country toward green energy. The Oklahoma Republican also says that calls for tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve are a “copout” to divert attention from that refusal. And he asserts that there is “no doubt in anyone’s mind” that Republicans will take control of the Senate in 2012.......

 Despite the soaring price of gasoline resulting from Middle East unrest, the Obama administration remains resolved to curtail new offshore oil drilling.......Energy Secretary Steven Chu, "speaking on behalf of the president, said somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe — I checked today and it’s $7.80 a gallon — so we won’t buy as much and then all this wonderful green energy is going to come in.  Read more.......

Editorial: Obamacare's Numbers Game - -  Gov't Accountability: A Cabinet member has admitted that the administration used misleading numbers when it was peddling ObamaCare. Fraudulent accounting, though, is nothing new in Washington.  Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted last Thursday that in taking $500 billion from Medicare and moving it to ObamaCare, the White House counted twice the same pile of money and claimed that it would reduce the deficit and sustain Medicare.  "Both," replied Sebelius when Rep. John Shimkus asked her during a House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee hearing if the $500 billion was for "preserving Medicare or funding the health care law?"  Read more.......... SP: Figures don't lie, but Liars can figure. ObamaCare is like a dead fish, every day it smells more and gets harder to swallow as time goes by. Unless you want to get deathly sick, you need to just throw the whole thing out. Obama and the Democrat's now admit the CBO was told to double bill the figures when scoring the total cost of ObamaCare,.... and they did. ObamaCare is a fraud being perpetuated on the American people, passed without one single Republican vote. November is coming, and we need to cast our vote again against ObamaCare and everyone who voted for it.

Michael Medved - Obama's Biggest Weakness - He's More of the Same - A Carter Redo - Groundhog Day - Townhall - As they prepare to make a serious case for his replacement in 2012, Barack Obama’s conservative critics need to decide: is the president radical – or more of the same?  At the moment, prominent commentators on the right offer two largely contradictory lines of attack. On the one hand, they suggest that Mr. Obama is an extremist ideologue, far outside the political mainstream, diabolically determined to impose an alien agenda on an unwilling populace. On the other, they describe him as a standard issue tax-and-spend liberal, pandering to the traditional Democratic interest groups with big-government initiatives that have failed the Republic time and again.  Read more......... SP: I still have HOPE that the American voter will CHANGE the country's leadership in 2012. America needs a conservative leader who unites Americans, not a community organizer with old liberal ideas cloaked in fresh sounding names, who divides various groups against one another.To quote Ann Coulter," Liberals never, ever drop a heinous idea; they just change the name. "Abortion" becomes "choice," "communist" becomes "progressive," "communist dictatorship" becomes "people's democratic republic."

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