Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Steve Peters Daily Commentary - #2703 - (1) Energy Independence Actually Require More Domestic Production - Washington Examiner (2) Is Obama Deliberately Making People Poorer? - Washington Times (3) Groundhog Day - Steve Forbes: Obama Repeating Carter's Mistakes - Politico (4) If Union Membership is Such a Good Idea, Why are You Forcing Me? Thomas Sowell (5) What a Difference 365 Days Make - Weekly Standard

Steve Peters Daily Commentary - (1) Energy Independence Actually Requires More Domestic Production - Washington Examiner -  Oil is close to $100 a barrel as the Middle East is imploding, and President Obama wants to raise taxes on domestic oil and gas producers. Such taxes would, if approved by Congress, make the country more dependent, not less, on imported oil. In the 2012 budget he sent Congress earlier this month, Obama proposed to raise $3.6 billion in 2012 and $46 billion over the next decade from tax increases on oil and gas, more than on any other industry.  The ostensible rationale is, as Obama put it, that "we are eliminating subsidies to fossil fuels and instead making a significant investment in clean energy technology -- boosting our investment in this high-growth field by a third -- because the country that leads in clean energy will lead in the global economy." Read more........ SP - "wolde you bothe eate your cake, and have your cake? (English phrase from 1546)" Although some liberals would like to believe you could, it is no more physically possible to do this, then it is to block domestic energy production and maintain our standard of living in America. Make a choice between the two and vote accordingly.
Is Obama Deliberately Making People Poorer? - Washington Times - The Obama administration's policies are causing Americans to pay far more for gasoline and other fuels than necessary. America is awash in fossil-fuel energy sources with almost 30 percent of the world's coal and 80 percent of the world's oil shale - which contains an estimated three times the recoverable oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. Canada, with its oil sands, has the world's third-highest oil reserves, after the United States and Saudi Arabia. New technologies that enable low-cost natural gas production from shale mean that many countries, including the United States, will have gas for centuries at current production rates.  Read more....... SP: When one uses the phrase, killing two birds with one stone, normally that would be a good thing, referring to being more efficient. But not in this case, because Obama's energy policy is not only killing jobs, but increasing energy prices, which are raising the costs of doing everything in this country. They said they wanted $5 plus a gallon gas to make their alternative energy scheme look better....guess they are headed towards achieving that goal.
Groundhog Day- Steve Forbes - Obama Repeating Carter's Mistakes - Politico -  You need to watch only a few minutes of cable news analysis to realize just how ludicrous our national energy policies have become. As escalating tensions and chaos unfold in Egypt, Libya and other Middle Eastern nations, one energy analyst suggested that if Libyan oil supplies were to fail, the United States would rely on Saudi Arabia for its oil needs. If that statement alone doesn’t put U.S. leaders on red alert, the looming national energy crisis may soon become reality.  The Obama administration is repeating the mistakes of President Jimmy Carter’s failed energy policies, which marred his term and stigmatized the 1970s. They are leading us straight into another national energy disaster.  Read more.......  SP: If we refuse to hold liberal's accountable for what they do or say, we sow the seeds to repeat their mistakes, again, and again.....until we do make them accountable.
If Union Membership is Such a Good Deal, Why Are You Forcing Me? Thomas Sowell - Townhall  - The biggest myth about labor unions is that unions are for the workers. Unions are for unions, just as corporations are for corporations and politicians are for politicians.  Nothing shows the utter cynicism of the unions and the politicians who do their bidding like the so-called "Employee Free Choice Act" that the Obama administration tried to push through Congress. Employees' free choice as to whether or not to join a union is precisely what that legislation would destroy.  Read more.......  SP: There is no free lunch, the only question is who pays for it. The public union bosses and their Democratic friends have come up with scheme to have the taxpayers buy their lunch for them. Who gets the large lunch tip left by the unions.....the Democrats in the form of 95% of ALL political contributions and "boots on the ground" during the election season. The real reason the Wisconsin Teachers Union will fight to the very end in the present standoff is that the governor gives union members free choice to NOT belong to the union and the union bosses must ask permission every year to represent it's members.
What a Difference 365 Days Make - Weekly Standard - During the lame duck session of Congress in December, Democrats sought to take advantage of their large majorities on Capitol Hill one final time before the Republican takeover of the House. Earlier, they had packed a 2011 budget with enough pork and earmarks to increase discretionary spending to $1.128 trillion. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans blocked that measure. So in December, Democrats proposed to spend $1.114 trillion. McConnell and company killed that, too, and Democrats settled for $1.09 trillion.  Last week, chastened Democrats proposed to freeze spending for the remainder of 2011, figuring that a reasonable compromise. Deeper cuts relished by Republicans were outrageous and unacceptable, they insisted. This wouldn’t fly either, and a majority of Democrats in the Senate and House voted for $4 billion in cuts, leaving spending roughly at the 2010 level.  Read more........ SP: No one can accurately predict whether the American people will reject Obama in the 2012 presidential race (historically very hard to remove a sitting president), but I am fairly certain that whoever is elected president will have a Republican Senate and House of Representatives. Additionally, I predict the state governorships and legislatures will continue to grow more Republican as a push back to Obama's attempt to expand the reach of the Federal Government over our lives. Hopefully, the political pendulum reached it's far left arch in the 2008 election and will continue to swing back to the right.

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