Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #2747 - Editorial: President Obama's Crony Capitalism - (2) What a Difference a Year Has Made for Obamacare - Washington Examiner

Leadership: Obama critics were quick to link U.S. loans for Brazil oil to benefits for his investor pal George Soros. There was no link in this case, but considering how this president operates, it's no wonder suspicions ran high. The president's announcement that his administration would lend billions of dollars to develop Brazil's offshore oil reserves left many Americans flabbergasted. After all, he had issued two drilling moratoriums in U.S. waters and then was declared in contempt of court for defying a federal judge who ordered the moratoriums reversed. Some wondered if the president wasn't intentionally acting against U.S. interests. Our disengaged president has said little as the Arab world is engulfed in revolution and has been absent as a huge budget battle plays out in Congress. But some lines can be drawn between his more inexplicable decisions and cronyism. Indeed, many of Obama's decisions have been all about benefiting special interests and political friends — what's been called the Chicago Way. Whatever it's called, it's in the interests of the few at the expense of the whole. Some examples: Read more.......

Editorial: What a Difference a Year has Made for Obamacare - Washington Examiner -When President Obama signed the $938 billion Obamacare into law a year ago today, it capped a long march by advocates of nationalized health care that began in this country years before Medicare was approved in 1965. Obama's signal legislative achievement avoided a health care system run entirely by the government, which was the goal of national union leaders and liberal politicians like Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Tom Harkin of Iowa. But it mandated the transfer by 2014 of one-fifth of the national economy from the private sector to the government. So even if Obamacare isn't quite the perfect replication of the British National Health Service romanticized by Donald Berwick, Obama's man in charge of managing Obamacare, it is still a government-directed health care system with roots deep in the European welfare states of Britain, France, Sweden and Germany.  Read more.......The Democrats are like the terrible car salesman with only one model of car left on the lot, and they are all the same color. He doesn't care what you want, or whether the car will fill any of your needs, just that selling it to you will fill his . The ends justify any means; so he will tell any lie, misrepresent any facts, and use any tactic to sell you that car. He just knows he's very persuasive and smarter than you, so if he can just keep you on the lot and continue to talk to you.....eventually you'll buy what he's selling.

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